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Some things you might not know about daisies....

Otherwise known as Bellis perennis.
Derived from the Olde English "Day's Eye" because the flower opened in
daylight and closed at sunset.
Found all over the world, with the exception of Antactica and the
extreme Arctic.
A popular girl's name - ie. Daisy Duck, Daisy Duke, Daisy from Keeping
up Appearances, Daisy Buchanan (The Great Gatsby).
The name of my first pet kitten.

And for those of you who haven't guessed already, one of my favourite flowers!

In the words of Meg Ryan in You've got Mail - "Don't you just love
daisies, they're so freindly!" She's right! They are so pretty and
simple - and it's like they are the sun shining on you.

I've had the pleasure of using them as part of my work so far -
including this cute little hair circlet I put together for Daisy
Horsfield's first birthday in the photo below.

I was also lucky enough to be asked by Natalie and Luke Forrestal to
use them as the focal flower for the girls bouquets and Natalie's hair
circlet for their wedding in Watsons Bay in Jan '11. I've already
posted some pics of their gorgeous wedding earlier, but Nat, being an
awesome photographer, and fellow lover of daisies, has a website appropriately named Daisy and the Bear, where she has lots of examples of her works of art!

Check out the link below, along with some images of daisies that inspire a lot of the things I put together,from my garden in Bondi, and from my favourite picture of daisy fairies hanging in my room from the banks of the Seine in Paris...

x Jane

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