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A guide to winter's native flowers

by Jane Lampe |

The weather may be slightly bleak and cold right now, but the cold weather is producing some amazing bright and beautiful native flowers, that are becoming more and more vibrant and abundant at the markets at the moment, and we are loving putting them in all our bunches and arrangements, not just our native bunches!

Here are some of our favourite winter natives we are using at the moment.

Geraldton Wax

With all the beautiful colours around, it's hard to narrow down what we buy each week!!


Grevillia comes in different shades of pink, red, soft yellow and gold. My favourite is gold right now.

Princess gum

Craig Scott has recently picked some beautiful princess gum and we are loving using it!!


Wattle has been around since May, and the different varieties around are just beautiful, and change all the time!


It's no secret I love banksias. And all sorts. They dry out so nicely and last so well!! Right now I'm loving the banksia praemorsa.

Tetra nuts

Beautiful silvery white tetra nuts are so meaty and sculptural, and also last so well!!


This early pretty mauve boronia smells amazing and is so dainty!!


Phillica would have to be one of my favourite australian native flowers. I love the colour green, and it dries out beautifully. We save it up so we can use it year-round for our everlasting arrangements!


Leucadendrons are another favourite, and my favourites have a beautiful hue of peachy yellow.

Here are a few arrangements and bouquets we've made lately with all these beautiful natives, mixed with other beautiful orchids and other flowers!!!

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