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Letters From My Baby's First Year, by Lea Redmond

Letters From My Baby's First Year, by Lea Redmond



Beth's Review: 

This book includes 12 empty letters that prompt the parent to write letters to give to their child at a later date.

This is such a nice activity to get new or expectant parents thinking about the sort of parents they'd like to be and the possibilities for their child's future. As Jane and I have experienced, more often than not when you write something down on paper it often comes to fruition, so who knows, this might be a great little visualisation tool. 

Part of the letters prompt memories, such as "your first home was like this...". This made me think we don't really have any tangible thing these days to replace the old-school photo album, so I like the idea of using this as a time capsule in that way.

I think this would make a really lovely and unique gift to new or expectant parents, and I can imagine gifting these letters at the right time could have a hugely positive impact on the relationship between a parent and their child.

Publisher's Blurb:

This book of 12 letters lets parents record memories, hopes, and dreams of their baby’s first year. Each month, parents fill out a letter and seal it with the enclosed stickers. Matching milestone cards let parents take a photo of the baby and place it in a photo frame. The result is a unique keepsake that parents and their child will treasure forever.

Letters From My Baby's First Year, by Lea Redmond