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Floreat Loves

Inside Look at the Flower Market: August/September 2020

by Beth Abood |

Spring is so close now that we can smell it - literally! The jasmine is just starting to flower which means beautiful, colourful, happy spring flowers, and arguably the prettiest, most fragrant month of the year! Here's a look at what's coming into the market in September! 1. Jasmine (Polyanthum) We absolutely love jasmine all year round. But...

Sydney venues for more intimate weddings and events

by Beth Abood |

As we all know, so many lovely couples getting married after March 2020 have likely had to make some big changes to their wedding plans, one of which being pretty big cuts to the guest list. While I'm sure this would've been so disappointing for the couples and their guests, one positive outcome is that the options for some very cool...

The New Natives

by Beth Abood |

It's no secret that Australian native flowers haven’t always been celebrated in the way that they are now - in fact they used to be a bit daggy! But a lot has changed and nowadays we are spoilt for choice and variety. This shift has been pioneered by Craig Scott and the team at East Coast Wildflowers, who’ve worked heart...

Tricks to keep your flowers fresh for as long as possible!

by Beth Abood |

Often when we share flower care tips and tricks with our clients, friends and family their reaction is surprised. These tricks are instinctive to us as florists, but brand new information to many others. So we decided it was time to share with you all the little things we do to keep our flowers at home looking vibrant and alive for longer,...

Inside Look at the Flower Market: July/August 2020

by Beth Abood |

The final month of Winter is a pretty exciting time at the flower market, because it's right about when we start to see the first little hints of Spring beauties, which means abundance is on its way! So be ready for it. Here's a little peak at what you can expect to see popping up in abundance at the...

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