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Simple, natural ways to practise self-care

by Beth Abood |

As if she’d predicted the possibility of self-isolation during a global pandemic, Fran Bailey writes in her book The Healing Power of Plants:"In these modern times, we need plants more than ever. Our connection with plants is primal and we depend on them for our basic human needs. Plants can help to keep us alert, calm us when we feel...

The History of Valentine's Day

by Jane Lampe |

Valentine's Day is huge in the retail world, particularly for florists!! And even though the pessimists out there claim it's become completely commercial, there's no doubt it is the most romantic day or the year, and as a florist I love being the go between. At Floreat we've become busier every year for Valentine's Day, and it's got me wondering, where did it...

Thank you EVERYONE for 2019

by Jane Lampe |

While we look forward to a break over the next few weeks, and a new start in the year ahead, it is always so important for us to look back on the last 12 months and appreciate what we've achieved. For us, the year started for us in a fairly low-key fashion while I was in the middle of my treatment....


by Jane Lampe |

A few of you may know I grew up in Narrabri, north west NSW, and my family are still there on our family farm. I may be biased, but I think it’s the best town in the world! You would also know that there is a shocking drought throughout NSW, and our regional areas are really bearing the brunt of...

HOW TO: Make a Dried Christmas Wreath

by Beth Abood |

At Floreat we really love dried wreaths. Unlike fresh wreaths, you've got way more materials to choose from (with fresh wreaths you’re limited to what will last out of water), you can be sure it'll last until Christmas, and the tones and textures of dried flowers are just so beautiful.  There are now 22 days left until Christmas, which means plenty of time...

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