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For Flower Lovers

What we love about Ikebana

by Jane Lampe |

There's no doubt about it, ikebana is definitely very much a current trend. When I first started floristry, I thought it was a bit "80s". The style I'd experienced was quite uptight and very structured. It wasn't my thing. Image sourced from Pinterest A new style of Ikebana More recently, some florists around the world have developed a more...

Guerilla Gardening

by Jane Lampe |

According to Wikipedia, guerrilla gardening is the act of gardening – raising food plants or flowers – on land that the gardeners do not have the legal rights to cultivate, such as abandoned sites, areas that are not being cared for, or private property.  This all sounds a bit dodgy, but it's actually perfectly legal, and a lovely thing to do if you have...

A step back in time

by Jane Lampe |  | 1 comment

Have you ever thought about how events were decorated, say 100 years ago, before there were florists, event stylists, and event hire companies? For hundreds of years, there have been big parties, weddings, balls. And I'm sure they were just as beautiful as they are now! But the profession of "event florists" is a relatively new profession, and years ago, event...

How to be a sustainable consumer of flowers

by Jane Lampe |

The conservation and protection of our environment is such an important part of our lives. There are so many things we need to think about to ensure we are "responsible consumers", but not all of us have time to read up on the sustainable practices of the production of everything we consume. It's crazy to think that a business like floristry, which...

The healing power of plants and flowers

by Jane Lampe |

I recently worked with Kate Kendall from Flow Athletic on a little March Surprise called "Fridaisies" where Kate gave all the yogis from her Friday classes a little flower, and told them about the healing properties of that flower. It led me to start on some reading up on some of the healing properties of the different flowers we used....

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