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Floreat Candles
Floreat Candles
Floreat Candles

Floreat Candles



We are so excited to offer these beautiful candles, made in collaboration with Rewild and Cooper and Clay.

These candles are poured by me, and like our flowers, are slightly "organic", and not always perfect, but look and smell lovely!

I worked with Amanda from Rewild to create our own signature scent, that reminds me of my childhood in our family garden in Narrabri. 

This is made up of sweet violet, bergamot and green tea, and basically, it makes me feel very content.

These beautiful candles are made in special vessels created by Sally Cooper of Cooper and Clay. 

There are two sizes, and each size has been carefully designed to be able to be reused. 

Our large candle was designed to be re-used as a gorgeous flower bowl, very similar to the bowls we use to arrange flowers at Floreat, and comes with a special floral "frog" you can insert into the vessel once the candle is finished. You can also opt to buy "Ikebana Unbound", to inspire you to create beautiful flower arrangements in your bowl once you've finished your candle.

Our small candle is created in a beautiful cup sized vessel, and once your candle is finished you can enjoy a cup of coffee in it!

The vessels come in 3 colours;

Gymea white


Speckled butter

Floreat Candles