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Jane was the floral stylist for my wedding in November 2015 and I can't speak highly enough of her work and her professionalism.

Jane has a fantastic aesthetic and an eye for style, but above all, she is so easy to work with and respects your budget. Jane is honest and clearly very experienced, meaning she can work with you to develop your vision, and you know what to expect from her work from very early on. 

Jane is a true professional, who helped realise the vision for my wedding. Everything was immaculately executed, and I knew that I could trust Jane and her team to have everything sorted for the big day, making it pretty stess-free! Jane was a pleasure to work with and I'd recommend her time and time again! 


‘Thank you Jane and the Floreat team for the beautiful floral arrangements you deliver to the R.M.Williams office every week. We love your creativeness and you are such a pleasure work with.’


We were so lucky to have Jane and her team arrange the florals and greenery at our wedding. She was incredibly patient with all my changes and bright ideas and brought everything to life just perfectly on the day! She was somehow able to read my mind when I really had no idea how to explain what I wanted as my knowledge of flower names is dismal to say the least. When my bouquets turned up on the day I couldn’t have been happier with the result. All the colours matched perfectly with all the styling at the wedding. She was able to create our dream wedding and was sensitive to our budget too. Love her!

KATIE SMEE  (George and Smee)

We work with Jane at Floreat Floral a lot for both our weddings & corporate events.  She is not only super talented and incredibly knowledgeable & experienced about all things floral, she's also one of the very loveliest people to work with and it always feels like a real treat.


Jane and the Floreat team were magnificent! An absolute delight to work with - Jane is a talented lady who created some spectacular bunches of blooms for our wedding. Huge thanks for making everything look so spectacular and doing it in such a way that was stress free for us.