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Spring flowers, the journey from beginning to end!

by Jane Lampe |

One of the things that spring must be the most famous for, is flowers. 

Spring is new life, new leaves on the trees, our homes have a fresh start with our spring clean, and of course, the flowers go gangbusters.

Spring is the perfect time to see how beautiful locally grown flowers are, in comparison with imported flowers, and the changing nature of the season, and how what is available is so intrinsically linked with the season, that makes flowers even more beautiful to me! 

The flowers that bloom in spring change so much throughout the season. As animals adapt to their geography and climate, flowers bloom in response to the conditions. 

So here is my attempt to take you on a journey of flowers in spring.

Early Spring

In and around Sydney, to me, the "spring" blooms start in August. Not strictly spring, but the spring look (and the feel of spring in the air, if you ask me), starts at the beginning of August.

The early spring flowers are so delicate, in response to the warmer, but in no means hot, temps.

Sweet peas, hellebores, daffodils, poppies, anenomes, ranunculus, and a true explosion of the early blossom and magnolia. Its messy (florists will relate :), but boy is it pretty!

September is when things get real, and people get hayfever! - jasmine, maybush, more wattle, paper daisies, camellias, cornflowers, more blossoms, waratahs, lily of the valley, flannel flowers, delphinium. Really too many to count! And by the end of September, the roses start. The flowers are still delicate, but get slightly "tougher".

Mid spring

October - The fuller flowers start - lilac, guelder rose, roses, dare I say - PEONIES (well the corals, and the tree peonies :)), bearded iris, blushing bride, kangaroo paws, cornflowers.

Late spring

And as spring started early in the flower world, in my mind, the typical summer flowers start in November. But it is still spring, so here you go - you've got the big five, peonies, roses, hydrangea, smoke bush, and delphinium. Big, statement flowers, that can withstand the heat.

The poor little sweet peas wouldn't stand a chance in November. Isn't nature amazing!

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