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A Year of Window Displays at Jan Logan

by Jane Lampe |

A year ago now, Jan Logan got in touch with me after she saw a heart we created in the window of our friends The Depot in North Bondi. It was the beginning of Covid, and she wanted to share the love with her friends in Double Bay as well.

Since then, we've proudly created a few more beautiful window displays for Jan, to celebrate various times of the year, and I'm excited to share them here.

I was so excited when Jan asked me to do her first window, as I have always looked up to Jan, who is also originally from Narrabri, as someone who has been very successful in her beautiful business. She is always so supportive of what we do, which makes us want to create something even more beautiful for her every time.

Our window displays for Jan are natural and organic, and we always try to bring a beautiful ribbon into each design. In many of these designs we've been able to sneak a little bit of something from Narrabri too :)

It's a little hard to see some of these because of the reflection of the window, but hopefully you can see them enough to see how pretty they were.

Our first display, sharing the love with Double Bay

A winter wreath

Celebrating spring with abundant everlasting daisies

Christmas, inspired by Kandinsky

Valentine's Day

Easter daisies for Easter