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Floreat Flower of the Month - February!

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They are synonomous with your Grandmother's garden, but Hydrangea has definitely made a comeback over recent years, and although summer is still strong (I hope!) autumn hydrangea is starting to hit the shelves at the Sydney Flower Markets!

Autumn hydrangea is that more rustic looking hydrangea, with more muted colours, with the beautiful vibrant colours turning green.

Although I love the bright pinks and blues of early summer, I really love these classic and rustic hydrangeas.

Other flowers starting to make their way to the markets are tulips, tuberose (which has a creamy flower and a beautiful perfume), freesias, and other flowers till going strong are roses, including iceberg and david austin roses, lavendar, water lilies, bouvardia, lotus pods, and of course dahlias!

Happy February everyone! And don't forget Valentine's Day this year! Contact me if you wish to send flowers to your valentine!

x Jane

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