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Floreat Flower of the Month - Pink Bouvardia!

by Jane Lampe |

Happy Friday everyone! And welcome to the Floreat Flower of the Month - Pink Bouvardia!

Pink Bouvardia, is gorgeous, that's all I can say - I love it!

It is a pretty, feminine flower, it smells nice, and it lasts for ages!

Bouvardia was named after Charles Bouvard, who was the personal physician to King Louis XIII and the superintendent of the Royal Gardens in Paris. Interesting fact - I thought they were very Tres Francias :), and I LOVE the Luxemborg Gardens...

Bouvardia symbolises enthusiam, so is a good flower to give someone who is working hard towards a goal.

Bouvardia is also very pretty in white - some of you will know I use it a lot in weddings!!! This bouquet was a simple bouquet of white bouvardia - a very pretty, simple summer/autumn alternative to lily of the valley!

Enjoy everyone, and go out and buy yourself a bunch this weekend!

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