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Laura and Will's Engagement Party - that turned into a Wedding!

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Welcome to my blog!!! I hope you enjoy it!!

There are plenty of other posts of my work so far for you to feast your eyes on if you wish, but to start off with, I wanted to make the first post you see a party (which was awesome fun!) and a beautiful day - where we all went with the intention to celebrate the engagement of our very good freinds Laura (Kitcho) and Will (Brucey) - only to find out on arrival they got married that morning!!!

It was also one of my favourite jobs so far, to be able to work in a beautiful garden in Bondi (care of Kitcho and Brucey's friend Crouchy), and create an "English Country Garden" to remind Kitcho of her home in Hampshire. Kitcho told me to go for my life - and I did! With lots of daisies, ranunculus (known as buttercups in England - reminds me of that awesome song!), lavendar, roses, jonquils, jasmine and blossom to name a few!

Credit for the photos goes to Elise Hassey, photographer extraordinaire - Take a look xx

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