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Liz and Tom : : Moby Dicks : : December 2015

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We did the flowers for gorgeous Liz and Tom's beautiful summer wedding at Moby Dick's at Whale Beach in December 2015. Beautiful peonies, david austin roses, hydrangea, and jasmine - some of our favourites!! Photos by Rob Domjen 26672367881_cbcf615b08_o 26134776863_acb032e76f_o 26714504686_6a0d0ba697_o 26223259414_8af36cb166_o 26762148991_33b9d292ae_o 26134030204_ae516f0a8f_o 26135510244_ac6d99909d_o 26496232240_7d9d419ca5_o 26163691994_675619429b_o 26765878616_2ba3809d4e_o 26766016956_9b7981c18f_o 26790668025_8ec78031cf_o 26791167825_46afe0b278_o 26702962301_48eab048ac_o 26696899922_e76f73d7a9_o 26800637665_9168573fe5_o 26206194624_35cfd782b2_o 26744290211_0ea46e05e9_o 26539101180_a5151b29d4_o 26823498435_533d7d5b3e_o 26755485001_a8f3d3f8ea_o

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