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Philippa and Kenny : Centennial Park : December 2017

by Beth Abood |

Scroll further down, and you'll see images that look less like a real-life wedding, and more like the result of a carefully planned magazine photoshoot:

Enchanting forest – check.
Flowing, floral arch for the bride and groom to marry beneath – check.
Veil blowing lightly in the breeze – check.

Alas, it is a real wedding, and we had the pleasure of creating the flowers for it. 

We sourced all the blue foliages and flowers we could find to work with the perfect  blue of the bridesmaid's dresses – eucalyptus gum and lamb’s ear foliage (the soft, furry one pictured) formed the icy base, and we added spiky, dark sea holly for texture (and as an ode to Kenny's Scottishness!) and a pop of white using flannel and roses. We’re SO pleased with how this turned out.

Congrats, Philippa and Kenny.

Photography by  Photographer Pete 



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