We have moved! We are now located at 2 Liverpool Lane, Darlinghurst. As before, we will be appointment only. While we love visitors, we are in and out a lot setting up events etc, so if you’d like to call in to say hi, or pick some flowers up in person, please get in touch to make sure we are here first!  

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Wedding at Watsons Bay

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0uEFHoJBAjM5Gq5qdGDqulcGdZK_cjgGfm1Ffuy58R4,GqAu1VtDOkzqSxY7zmIo7B4wXqIacfjJyaGhzg-eJ9E Floreat was so excited to do the flowers at this beautiful wedding at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel in June 2015The theme was beautiful and fresh white and green. Photos by Kelly Tunney Photography : www.kellytunney.com.au 6qlaL_comJJGQqtH33bKxWzjojp7V7bmbHLIsNF8TXs,bsjYAKn2MgOaZOQWTqq7v6j0TljvbUMYnrkggZf8h1I,MyS57WgR6iPPxPrXjKv0Iomo2nUvfcYygayAXxM809o UEnoWIJlw6Ctk4A5whRtMdFDT9Id1VHa8m8Ek7xPxRw,0ljM94VBEcN412XhTF-liFJEzaaoi0jRtQGyxWck5k4,QESAGkWoB9FSS3F3vsuPXPQC1K2_teB9M60vhG0AO_Y vc26UDVHDQ6g5K_rytKHRQNtFTzp1rwwpW_98p7GptU,thiikNeSxmGa_7toMTqYk0NitwSnFde654UoFFKVUmU YUspeMjgVI2S3_BcB6Fidd1BmVfoJYHqbDEvfABuERE,KO5BDi-veM0HknHyAhO4BoqY_6gw9Owcpy0U8CDX2fg,aB8ztxAmx2ObW_tUb8INL3tZRzvz72NMspe3IoMN-6k,QGL2FZNza7QLyWK7W

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