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Working in London with the King of Flowers!

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A few months ago I was very lucky to have the opportunity to work with the crazy, talented and very successful London florist, Simon Lycett. If anyone has seen Flowers Uncut, he's like the UK version of Jeff Leatham!

Other than being a lovely person, Simon is an inspirational florist, having done his first wedding at age 7! Since then he's developed an amazing profile, working on amazing and huge jobs - even Posh and Beck's stunning (!) wedding! Simon is also one of the Royal Family's 2 preferred florists, and has worked on many events at Buck Palace etc.

Have a look at his website:

While working with Simon, I helped out on 2 events, which was an eye opening experience, as I really had no idea how much money some people spend on flowers, let alone how to bring it all together!

The first event was for a "Black night" at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. The Opera House has about 10 of these a year, where there are no scheduled performances, so patrons can hire the whole venue out for private functions. On this particular night, Mr Dorfmann (aka Travelex) hosted a 60th birthday party for his wife - private performance by the Royal Ballet, followed by dinner in the Conservatory listening to the dulcet tones of Diana Ross (live!)

The flowers were opulent and huge - no less than 15 florists working on this event, as well as 6 guys carrying everything!

The second event was a wedding for 500 at the Grosvenor, where they transferred one of Britain's most beautiful art deco ball rooms, to a purple extravagnanza!! No expense was spared, and let me tell you, money can not buy taste.

All in all, it was a great experience - I met some of Britain's best florists with years of experience - including one who helped put together Princess Kate's bouquet! One other florist who has worked on some of the biggest events in modern history interestingly said the biggest and best one she had ever worked on was Gretal Packer's wedding in the english countryside - apparently Kerry spared nothing for his little girl...

Enjoy the pics!


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