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Floral Styling for your Christmas Do

by Jane Lampe |

Christmas is getting close, and the silly season is definitely upon us. I don't know about you guys, but as the restrictions are loosening, I'm planning on letting loose myself over the next month or so!

We are getting asked to provide flowers for lots of Christmas and end of year parties and dinners, so I'm guessing I'm not the only one!

There are lots of styles and ideas that you can choose from for your flowers for your Christmas or end or year celebration, so I thought I would put together a few styling ideas for your dinner table or around your house for your party!

1. Summer Garden Party Style

Not so christmassy, but very summery, the bright and beautiful summer flowers are now out in full force!! Beautiful hydrangea, peonies, roses, and lots of other bits and pieces are brightening up our homes, and helping give that summer holiday vibe!

Go for the abundant garden look on your table, and add some edible blooms to your food, or even your ice cubes, too while you're at it!

Image Credit: Elise Hassey for Floreat

Images Credit: Dress Circle Catering x Floreat

Image Credit : Elise Hassey for Floreat

2. Tradish Christmas with a touch of scandi

Go for christmassy spruce or pine to dress your glazed ham, and add some pinecones and beautiful candles to the mix, for that traditional northern hemisphere Christmas look.

Image Credit: Dress Circle Catering x Floreat

Images Credit : Pinterest

3. Australia Native Festival

It never ceases to amaze me that the most christmassy looking Australian native flowers come out to play, just in time for Christmas!! Christmas bells, kangaroo paws, Christmas bush, flowering gum, and all sorts of festive native flowers, that can become a beautiful addition to your Christmas or end of year party table. Or make it more understated and classic with softer hued native blooms.

Image Credit: Dress Circle Catering x Floreat

Image Credit : Dress Circle Catering x Floreat

There are so many other looks and combos to choose from, but hopefully this will give you a bit of inspiration for your parties over the next few weeks!!! Please get in touch with us if you'd like flowers for your event!

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