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Guerilla Gardening

by Jane Lampe |

According to Wikipedia, guerrilla gardening is the act of gardening – raising food plants or flowers – on land that the gardeners do not have the legal rights to cultivate, such as abandoned sites, areas that are not being cared for, or private property. 

This all sounds a bit dodgy, but it's actually perfectly legal, and a lovely thing to do if you have an appropriate space nearby!! 

It's a fantastic solution to those who need to satisfy their green thumb but don't have the space in their own homes, and a great way to get to know your neighbours too! What a fab idea of something to do with the kids these school holidays, or even yourself during lockdown!! 

Like our friend Deakin here in Darlinghurst - he has long cared for a random garden bed in the lane behind our studio, and has recently planted some seeds with his daughter Madeline. All of us who know what they are get to enjoy seeing them grow from seed, and I can't wait until they flower!!

Deakin and Madeline's Garden on Oswald Lane, Darlinghurst

Our other neighbours here in Darlinghurst, Darlo General, have created their own little garden bed in a nook outside their shop, and the garden is simply overflowing with gorgeous blooms, so everyone who walks past can enjoy them on their daily walk.

Darlo General's gorgeous garden on Oswald Lane

Many Sydney Councils encourage gardening in public spaces! City of Sydney even have a policy for footpath gardening to help ensure that the gardening you do is safe and respectful of your neighbours.

I came across these gorgeous footpath gardens outside my friend's house in Alexandria last week - each of their neighbours has dug up the area outside their houses and created their own little gardens, reflecting their personality. Each garden is so well-cared for, and it just makes the whole street so lovely and personal. You can see one garden where a little animal obsessed gardener has included his own touch to suit his love.

Footpath gardens in Alexandria

And of course, there is the QUEEN of guerilla gardening, someone to aspire to, Wendy Whitely, who completely transformed the bland green area outside her house in Lavender Bay. This garden, now very well known to locals as "Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden", is a beautiful spot for people to come and relax, and be surrounded by beautiful flowers and nature.

If you think a bit of gardening might just be the trick for the next few weeks of lockdown, or something to do with the kids this school holidays, footpath gardening king, Gardening Australia's Costa, provides a great guide to guerilla gardening here

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