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How to Care for Your Cymbidium Orchid Plants

by Jane Lampe |

Now that we’re well and truly into Winter the flower market is filled with Cymbidium Orchids, sold both as cut flowers and plants. They are incredible flowers to keep as plants, coming in lots of colours from soft white, cream, green and pink through to oranges, apricots, browns, reds, burgundy, and yellows, and their spikes can have anywhere from 5 to 25 flowers on them.

Keeping them alive for more than a few months seems to be a very elusive skill, and getting them to flower again even more so!! But when they do they are soooo beautiful. We often get asked how best to care for them, so we’ve put together a few tips for you.

Image Source: Maitland Mercury

How long do they last?
Once flowering, the plants can last between 1-3 months. 

How Much Light Is Needed?
Cymbidium Orchids (or “Cymbids” as many growers and florists call them) survive best in medium to bright light. They don't like direct sunlight, this can burn them.

If your orchid is receiving the optimal amount of light the leaves will be a light, yellow-green colour. Too much light will cause the leaves to become too yellow, and too little light will cause them to become a very dark green.

Image Source: @millymouset Instagram 

What room temperature is suitable?
Orchids like cooler temperatures, warmer in the day and cooler at night is best, surviving anywhere from 10-26 degrees Celsius.

How often should I water my plant?

Don't leave your orchids to  completely dry out, but don't kill them with kindness either - they don't like too much water! And make sure the pot drains well. Water about once a week as a general rule.

Image source: @specialorchids Instagram

How do I get my Cymbidium plant to bloom again?
After it has finished flowering, cut the stems all the way down to the base of the plant. If you are planning on repotting it, the best time to do this is right after it has bloomed, and this should be done about every 2-3 years.

Image Source: @whitemansorchids Instagram 

Once you’ve found the perfect spot for your Cymbidium plant, try not to move it because once it's happy it will thrive!

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Cover Image: Elise Hassey for Floreat 

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