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How to make the gift of flowers last longer than the flowers

by Jane Lampe |

I may be biased, but I think flowers would have to be the ultimate gift. They are so beautiful, often fragrant, and change as the flowers open and age. But as we all know, they only last for a little while.

To me, that adds to their charm and beauty. They are a fleeting, but beautiful and scented gift, and that makes them all the more special.

But there are many ways you can make your floral gift, or flowers for your event, last longer than the flowers themselves, so you will never forget the flowers, and the reason why you were given them, or had them.

1. Everlasting flowers

There are lots of flowers you can give that have either dried out already, or that you can include in a fresh bouquet, that will dry out. Then the recipient can take them out of the bouquet when all the other flowers have died, and pop them in a little vase to keep forever!

Flowers like misty, statice and babies breath, and native flowers like paper daisies, banksias, and foliages like eucalyptus, all dry well!

Or use flowers at your event that can be dried, and then you can also keep these forever to remember the occasion!

See our blog post on flowers that dry well for more ideas of flowers you can ask your florist to include in your gift that will be everlasting.

2. Plants

Plants are a great gift that keep giving!! Especially for the green thumb in your life!! Flowering plants like cyclamen, orchids, and begonia keep flowering year after year! Or for the less flowery types, monsterias, philodendrons, or even herbs are other great gifts.

Have you ever had a birthday party, Christening, or wedding, and wished the flowers from your event could last forever too?

How about including plants within your concept, that you can then take home and plant in your garden, or have in your house? African violets are a favourite of mine, as are beautiful succulents, and herbs, especially when they are flowering!

3. Reusable vessels/wrapping

While your floral gift may not last forever, what about giving it in a vessel, or wrapping, that is reusable? A beautiful vase is a great idea that can be given with your bouquet, and every time the recipient uses it again, they will think of you!

Rather than wrapping our gift bouquets in paper that is thrown out, we wrap our bouquets in our special liberty fabric! Many who are a dab hand on the sewing machine have told me that they have re-used the fabric to make scrunchies, or even face masks! 

4. Write a card 

Often the flowers you send are just a conduit to sending a message of love, compassion, or thankfulness. So put extra thought into the message you send with your flowers, because while the flowers may not always last, the card or message always will!!


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