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Our favourite floral artists

by Jane Lampe |  | 1 comment

If I could have all of the walls of my house covered in paintings of flowers I would! I really love paintings of flowers and I am a bit addicted to them!! 

I just thought I would tell you all about all the amazing artists I am currently loving who create the most amazing paintings of flowers!

Laura Jones

OMG - love!!! Laura is amazing, and a former florist, paints all the flowers I love. Particularly natives. I once went to Laura's "Wildflower" exhibition at The Olsen Gallery and was literally blown away.

Laura Jones - Garden Exhibition - 2020

Laura Jones - Wildflower Exhibition - 2016

Brooke Dalton

Brooke is an amazing artist based in Narrabri, north west NSW.

Brooke paints beautiful still life paintings, often of gorgeous flowers, set in colourful sitting rooms with so much detail.

Some of Brooke's amazing work is currently being exhibited at Michael Reid's Murrundai Gallery exhibition "The Australian Country Table".

Brooke Dalton - "Spring is Here" - 2020

Brooke Dalton - "A Great Suggestion" - 2020

Amy Wright

Amy is a stunning abstract artist living on the Victorian coast.

Amy also once worked as a florist, and I particularly love her paintings of flowers (of course!!) Amy also painted the beautiful images we have on our website and branding!

Amy's work - "Tethered" - is currently being exhibited at Lon Retreat and Spa, in Port Lonsdale, Victoria.

Amy Wright - Overgrown Potted Garden - 2018

Amy Wright - The Azure Garden - 2020

Cover Image - Brooke Dalton

Patricia Wall

If, like me, you need to mix your walls up a bit so your home doesn't look like a permanent florist, artist Patricia Wall from Byron Bay (and also my Aunt!) does the most amazing hard edge paintings, that are the perfect compliment and juxtaposition to all these beautiful images of flowers.

I love the colours she uses, and the shapes she creates, all fastidiously hand painted.


Margaret Olley

The original Australian still life Kween, Margaret Olley lived for a long time in Duxford Street,  Paddington Sydney, where she painted the most beautiful images inside her home, adorned with simple bunches of flowers and every day objects.

Margaret's house is re-created in the Tweed Gallery - it really is an interesting insight into her cluttered and beautiful life. There were certainly lots of things to paint!

Margaret Olley - Still Life with Hawkesbury Wildflowers and Pears

Margaret Olley - Winter Flowers - 1964

 Cover Image - Margaret Olley

Comments (1)

  • Bruce Woodland on May 22, 2021

    I was so inspired by your newsletter and wonderful collection of paintings, I immediatly went to my art-folder and pulled out a pastel I had done a long time ago of a vase of hydrangeas and I’m taking it along to the framers today. Thanks for sharing , I still love Margaret Olley’s work though – especially “Wild flowers with pears” – such a small colour palette and so easy on the eye.

    Merrilyn Woodland

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