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What is your birth flower?

by Jane Lampe |

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Did you know that each month is represented by a flower, and if you were born in that month, that is your flower? Such a sweet idea.

Birth flowers are based on what is in season in the northern hemisphere, but if you are lucky like I am, being an April baby, Daisies are do flower in Australia April, and depending on your flower, it may also be available at different times of the year.

Here is each flower of the month, and also it's meaning!

January - Carnation

Meaning - Love, captivation and distinction

February - Violet

Meaning - Modesty and Humility

March - Daffodil 

Meaning - Rebirth and new beginnings

April - Daisy

Innocence and Cheerfulness

May - Lily of the Valley

Meaning - purity, joy, love, sincerity, happiness and luck

June - Rose

Meaning - Love

July - Waterlily

Meaning - Birth and Resurrection

August - Gladioli

Meaning - Honour and rememberance

September - Morning Glory

Meaning - Love and affection

October - Cosmos

Meaning - Order, harmony and balance

November - Chrysanthemum

Meaning - devoted love, loyalty, happiness, longevity, and joy

December - Holly

Meaning -  happiness, peace, and optimism at home

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