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Inside Look at the Flower Market : June 2022

by Jane Lampe |


Winter is well and truly here! And with it, all the beautiful wintry goodness of flowers. Here are a few of our favourite flowers that we are using right now in our bouquets!

1. Paperwhites and Jonquils

Meaning - Jonquils have long been associated with Narcissus, whose self-absorption caused his demise. The flowers also stand for creativity, inspiration, rebirth, vitality and success.

The simplest, but sweetest smelling of them all! Paperwhites and jonquils are the precursor to daffodils, and we are using them for everything at the moment!! 

Image source: Pinterest

2. Wattle

Meaning - As one species of a large genus of flora growing across Australia, the golden wattle is a symbol of unity

Wattle is native to Australia, and also introduced to other warmer climates around the world. It is often referred to overseas as "Mimosa".

Image source: Elise Hassey for Floreat

3. Carnations

Meaning - Fascination, disctinction, or love

With so many beautiful colours available, carnations, otherwise known as sims, have well and truly made a comeback. 

I would never have dreamed a few years ago that I would be using carnations in our bouquets, but now, because of their colours, texture, and longevity, they are becoming a staple during the winter months!

Image source: Pinterest

4. Begonia

Meaning - uniqueness, harmony, gratitude, or caution

Begonia comes in many different types of plants and flowers, but the more traditional floral style can also be used as a beautiful cut flower, and if picked at the right time, can last for weeks!

We buy our beautiful begonia from the lovely Arietta and Tom, who grow this on their farm on the Central Coast.

Image source: @tmeschepel

5. Freesias

Meaning - friendship, trust, thoughtfulness and innocence

Freesias come in beautiful soft white and mauve, with brighter burgundy and yellow. They are so shapely and whimsical, beautiful on their own, or so pretty in mixed bunches. They open slowly, and last about a week!

6. Cymbidium Orchids

Meaning - orchids mean thoughtfulness, refinement, fertility, beauty, charm, and love, they're the perfect bloom to celebrate all of life's precious moments.

The lovely Neville Schaefer of Schaefer's Orchids only makes an appearance at Sydney Flower Market each Friday in the Winter months when his Cymbidium orchids are on full show, and what a treat it is when he's there. Our orchid order is always impeccably packed in boxes so that his prized Cymbids don't get damaged on their journey back to our studio. We got our first box last Friday, which is always a very exciting day!! 

Image Source: Elise Hassey for Floreat 

7. Cyclamen

Meaning - expresses love and sincere tenderness

Image Source: by Floreat using Cyclamen from T and ME Schepel
Each Friday in Winter, Arietta of T and ME Schepel pulls up a truck full of bright coloured beauties inside Sydney Flower Market: cyclamen, begonia and African violets. Cyclamen are such special flowers; each stem has it's own unique character within the bunch, some with frilly edges and others with ombre colour.  

They come in white, pale pink, hot pink, watermelon and red, and can sometime last nearly a month as a cut flower!!

8. Tulips

Meaning - perfect and deep love

One of the biggest supplier's of tulips in Australia is de Boer tulips (which translates to "The Farmer"), who began their family business in the fields of Holland. Based in Victoria, they are now the biggest supplier of tulips to the Sydney Flower Market and their contribution to the Australian local flower industry is invaluable. Their wide range of interesting single, double, parrot and frilly tulips are some of the most beautiful we've seen.


    Image Source: @ilovewednesdaysphoto for Floreat

    They come in oranges, pinks, peaches, reds, burgundy, purple, yellow, white, and they last for 7-10 days, while you can enjoy watching as their stems grow in the vase, sometimes up to 15cm or more! 

    9. Poppies

    Meaning - rememberance

    Image Source: @jonimaflowers Instagram

    The poppies popped up early this year, and we are very happy about that! We source our poppies from a few different growers, one of them being Jonima Flowers (read more about their family run farm here) who have tall, strong stemmed beauties in an incredible range of colours. 

    The come in white, pink, peach, red, yellow and orange sold all together in one mixed bunch, and can last for 5-7 days, depending on their stage of life. If closed in a bud and they haven't opened after a few days, you can scald the ends in boiling water for about 10 seconds or peel their furry, green cases off to nudge them open. 

    10. Hyacinth 

    Meaning - Constancy

    Hyacinths are one of my favourite flowers. They come in white, soft pink, raspberry, mauve, and blue. They take a few days to open completely, and then they are in their prime for a few days after that. They have quite a strong scent. 

    Image source - Pinterest


    Here are a few of the bouquets we've been making lately!

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