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Inside Look at the Flower Market - November 2021

by Jane Lampe |

The flowers at the moment at the markets are really coming into their own for the, dare I say it, beginning of summer.. Peonies are starting, and the roses are at their very best!!

I'm not really sure how I'm going to narrow it down this month, but here are a few of our favourite things we are using in our bouquets, events, and weekly installations at the moment!

1. Kangaroo Paws

I LOVE kangaroo paws!! They come in the most amazing colours, and the structure of their flower really is one of nature's wonders. They are really in their element at the moment!

2. Peonies

Meaning - prosperity, good luck, love and honour

Everyone's favourites have finally started again! Coral peonies have been here for a couple of weeks, and the rest are slowly filtering into the market! White, sarah Bernhardt (which are a soft pink), red charm, and soft pink colours. 

3. Misty

Sometimes I wonder what we would do without misty!! Misty is an ethereal, floaty flower that comes in a mauve/purple colour, and white. It really adds that sparkle to our bouquets and arrangements, and it also dries out beautifully!!

What we do with it!

4. Roses

Meaning - different coloured roses have different meanings, but they generally symbolise love and romance

Our beautiful local roses started with a bang about 3 weeks ago, the first flush was AMAZING!!! Especially the "david austin" garden style varieties are a favourite of mine, as are the princess and cecile brunners! These ones below are Evelyn roses.

5. Cosmos

Meaning - order and harmony

Cosmos are such a pretty little flower, coming in different shades of pink, and white, with gorgeous yellow centres. They are so floaty and gorgeous and last longer than they look!

6. Hydrangea

Meaning - Gratitude, grace and beauty

I don't want to speak too soon, but hydrangea is starting to pop up at the markets! The season usually starts with white, as well as bright colours such as pink, blue, purple and raspberry. I especially love the butterfly and lace varieties.

7. Smoke bush

Smoke bush is an Australian native shrub. It has a burgundy foliage, with the most stunning floaty burgundy flower, aptly representing smoke!!

8. King Proteas

King proteas originate, and are the national flower of South Africa, but often are mistaken as an Australian native flower. They are so striking and beautiful, and have the most beautiful soft pink colour, but also come in red and white.

9. Ammobium

Ammobium are what I call the "native daisy", and have such a beautiful sculptural stem, with a cute little button of a flower at the end of it! Ammobium are also great as a dried flower.

Here are some of the beautiful flowers that we talked about last month that are still around.

10. Carnations

Meaning - Mother's eternal love

We are getting the most beautiful carnations at the moment in the most gorgeous colours, soft peaches and pinks, and darker pinks and stripes. I never thought I would use carnations in our bouquets, but i can't go past these ones!

11. Delphinium

Meaning - Delphinium symbolizes cheerfulness and goodwill, as well as a protective plant. Delphiniums are used to communicate encouragement and joy, as well as remembering loved ones who have passed.

Delphiniums come in gorgeous hues of blue, white, and mauve/pink. We love using them in our country style bouquets!


12. Flannel flowers

If you know the right people, you can usually get your hands on the odd bunch of flannel flowers all year round, but over the next few weeks, flannel flowers are in their element. They are beautiful and long, and their perfectly simple faces are even more perfect than usual. 




13. Paper Daisies

Another favourite of mine, paper daisies, or strawflowers, come in the most beautiful colours, and dry out beautifully as well if you can hang them upside down.


6. Browse Floreat's bouquets in our online shop or contact us if you'd like to chat about something in particular!