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Inside Look at the Flower Market : September 2021 - Spring!!

by Jane Lampe |

September is a great month for flowers - it's no co-incidence that it's the first month of spring! It's very hard to control myself at the markets with all these beautiful flowers about!! Here are some of our favourites, and some that we mentioned last month that are still around :)

1. Waratah

You'll recognise this beautiful flower as the NSW floral emblem and one of Australia's most well known native flowers. East Coast Wildflowers (our source of all amazing Australian natives) bring the most perfect Waratahs to the Sydney flower market. We'll often use them in mixed bouquets but they are so magnificent displayed in a vase on their own.

Predominantly a beautiful, traditional red, for a brief moment, we will also see amazing pink and white Waratahs in the market soon!


Image Source: Elise Hassey for Floreat

Colours: red, "shady lady", pink, white and "fire and brimstone" 

2. Forget me nots 

Meaning - Forget me not. 

One of the only naturally "true blue" flowers available through the year, forget me nots have been sneaking in to the market over the last few weeks.

Symbolizing faithful love and memories, forget me nots are a dainty flower, the size of a tiny button, with a hint of yellow in the centre, and such a pretty element to a garden style bouquet, or even gorgeous just to have a pretty posy of this on your own next to your bed or in the bathroom.

Image Source: Pinterest

3. Sweet William

Meaning - Gallantry

We've been using a lot of sweet williams lately - I love the tomato red and candy pink colours - not to mention the two-tone burgundy and white.


4. Rhododendron 

Meaning - Beauty and Energy

Rhododendron are often confused with Azalea, but with their much thicker, paddle-shaped evergreen leaves and big round clusters of brightly coloured flowers, which when flowering are so breathtaking they want to make you whip out your phone for a pic. 

While they are often deceivingly unassuming when picked, being tight with brown buds, but they are worth sticking with because when fully open, they are striking.


Photo by Randall Schieber, Image Source

Image Source: Canva 

    Colours: Shades of Purple, Red, White, Pink, Yellow 

    5. Stachyrus

    Stachryus is such a striking and unique tree. A unique alternative to a blossom, it's brown branch is arched so gracefully and the small, bell-shaped pale yellow flowers hanging off them make it look almost like a very grand, winding staircase - that or a string of pearls - either way it has a bit of an opulent feel about it.  

    Specially grown by our friends Alison and Wayne in Bilpin, we love using Stachyrus in our unique bouquets and weekly flower arrangements for shops and restaurants.

    Image Source: Canva


    6. Ranunculus

    Meaning - I am dazzled by your charms

    Ranunculus are one of the most perfect flowers! Their rose-like heads, which are formed from layers of tissue-thin petals, bring so much joy to everyone who sees them. Don't be fooled by their delicate petals though, they are surprisingly robust and long lasting. When fresh, their heads are tightly closed and smaller in size, opening up over a few days to reveal the most soft and fluffy flowers.

    Image Source: @floretflower Instagram

    Image Source: @trillefloral Instagram

    Colours: colours range from pale yellow to apricot, red, white, pink, orange and burgundy. 

    7. Sweet Pea 

    Meaning - Thank you for a lovely time

    True to their name, sweet pea have the sweetest scent. For a relatively small and delicate flower, their fragrance packs a pretty big punch. Those sold at the Sydney Flower Market normally have straight, strong stems that are around 15-20cm tall, which makes them perfect in a short vase on their own. Sweet peas are currently our market bunch.

    Image Source: Elise Hassey for Floreat

    Colours: Sweet Pea come in the most unique colours, shades that aren't very common in flowers, such as watermelon, really interesting shades of purple, blush pink, and a deep, rich burgundy. 

    How long they last in a vase: 7-10 days but as the lower petals start to brown you can just pick them off and enjoy the top blooms for days longer. 

    8. Boronia

    This flower would have to have one of the most beautiful scents I have ever smelt. It is most recognisable in a fuscia pink, but we have known to get it in a soft yellow, and soft mauve. Here is some of the fuscia boronia in one of our bright bouquets.

    9. Wax flower

    For a very hardy, robust flower these are super delicate and pretty to the eye. Over the last year or so we've noticed the range of wax flower coming into the Sydney market has grown substantially and we are not complaining. The more common red bud and white varieties have been joined by a wider range of pink and purple shades. Some have pretty flowers dispersed throughout their lemon-scented leaves, while others are more densely packed with cluster upon cluster of waxy flowers. 

    Image Source@craigiosciott Instagram

    Colours: white, red, pink and purple

    How long they last in a vase: 7-10 days.

    Here are some of the beautiful flowers that we talked about last month that are still around.

    1. Blossom

    Meaning - Concealed Love, Beauty in Retirement, Chaste Love

    This month we are getting more of a range of beautiful blossoms, including

    cherry blossoms etc in white and pink - so pretty!!!

    2. Dutch Iris

    Meaning - faith, hope, courage, wisdom and admiration

    We love using the yellow and white dutch iris in our bouquets - they are such a beautiful shape and the yellow in particular is such a happy colour!

    3. Jasmine

    Meaning - love, beauty, or sensuality

    Jasmine is always a sign that spring is on it's way! The jasmine always lends such a beautiful texture to our bouquets, and smells amazing!!

    4. Daffodils

    Meaning - Uncertainty, Chivalry, Respect or Unrequited love

    Another happy addition to our bright and gorgeous bunches. You couldn't get more of a happy flower I think!! 

    Image source - @tillawinston

    5. Phillica

    I LOVE phillica - it is such a beautiful, fluffy native, and dries out so nicely, it is a perfect everlasting flower.


    6. Paper Daisies

    Another favourite of mine, paper daisies, or strawflowers, come in the most beautiful colours, and dry out beautifully as well if you can hang them upside down.

    7. Anenomes

    Meaning - Forsaken Love

     One of our all-time favourites are back!! The beautiful "panda" colour with the blush petals and dark centre is beautiful, and they also come in gorgeous fire-engine red, fascia, purple, Burgundy, and white with a green centre.

    Photo source : Elise Hassey for Floreat

    8. Hellebore

    Meaning - we shall overcome scandal and slander

    I don't want to jump the gun, but I was pretty excited to get my first bunch of hellebores for the season at yesterday's market!

    Gorgeous soft colours, I love using these flowers for weddings and events. They often don't last as long for house flowers, but are beautiful while they do!

    Photo source : Elise Hassey for Floreat

    9. Cymbidium orchids

    Meaning - morality and virtue

    So many more to choose from than last month, we love using these in EVERYTHING!!! These look good in everything, and last so well. They come in beautiful colours, including Burgundy, tans, different shades of pink, white, yellow, orange and green. Yay!!!

    Image Credit: Elise Hassey for Floreat

    10. Camellia

    Meaning - love, affection, and admiration

    The camellias are starting to bloom beautifully, we love them for both their flowers and their foliage!

    Image Credit: Elise Hassey for Floreat

    11.  Tulips

    Meaning - Deep Love

    We love the double tulips, because when they open up they look almost like a peony or a beautiful rose!

    They come in a lovely creamy white, different shades of pink, Burgundy and purple. We also love the parrot tulips, and these come in reds, pinks and white.

    Image Source - Pinterest

    Image Source - Floreat 

    12. Poppies

    Meaning - Restful sleep and Recovery

    Another favourite, Poppies are popping up now!! They come in such fantastic colours, and I love it that they literally pop open!!


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