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Monthly Market Guide : October 2023

by Jane Lampe |

Just when I thought the beautiful spring flowers couldn't get any more beautiful, they do!! October is looking extra special at the moment. Here are a few of our favourite things at the moment.

1. Lilac

Meaning - White lilacs represent purity and innocence, while purple lilacs symbolize spirituality

The lilacs are finally here, and will be for a few special weeks!! In various shades of lilac (excuse the pun :)) and white, they are a beautiful flower with a gorgeous, heady scent.

2. Guelder rose

The guelder rose emerged at the markets a couple of weeks ago in it's signature lime green, but it's now looking a bit more white! It's always a good pre-cursor to hydrangea.

Image Source: Pinterest

3. Kangaroo paws

Or k-paws, are one of my favourites at the moment! Majestic in lime green or soft grey, or cute little mauve or raspberry, I love their name, and the fact that they actually look like little kangaroo's paws!

Most of our kangaroo paws are grown by Craig Scott from East Coast Wildflowers, on the Central Coast.

Image source - @craigioscott

4. Statice

Meaning - Memory and Rememberance

Oh my gosh, the statice is just amazing at the moment!! Our favourite colours are the "sunset shades", but the soft mauves, and hot pinks, are also beautiful! It dries out so beautifully, and is great for an everlasting flower.

5. Paper daisies

Paper daisies are coming in so many different varieties at the moment!! But my favourites are always these ones from Luff Farm.

6. Flannel Flowers

Another pretty Australian native spring flower - flannel flowers are a definite crowd pleaser all year, but especially in Spring.

7. Lily of the Valley

Meaning - absolute purity, youth, sincerity, and discretion. But most importantly, it symbolises happiness. 

There is a reason why lily of the valley is also LOV - because I LOV it!!!

It has to have the most beautiful scent of all flowers - EVER. Only around for a short time, which makes it all the more special.

 8. Cornflowers

Meaning - tenderness, of fidelity, and of reliability

Traditionally known as blue, my favourites are the pink ones.

9. Rhododendron 

Meaning - Beauty and Energy

Rhododendron are often confused with Azalea, but with their much thicker, paddle-shaped evergreen leaves and big round clusters of brightly coloured flowers, which when flowering are so breathtaking they want to make you whip out your phone for a pic. 

While they are often deceivingly unassuming when picked, being tight with brown buds, but they are worth sticking with because when fully open, they are striking.

10. Waratah

You'll recognise this beautiful flower as the NSW floral emblem and one of Australia's most well known native flowers. East Coast Wildflowers (our source of all amazing Australian natives) bring the most perfect Waratahs to the Sydney flower market. We'll often use them in mixed bouquets but they are so magnificent displayed in a vase on their own.

Predominantly a beautiful, traditional red, for a brief moment, we will also see amazing pink and white Waratahs in the market soon!


Image Source: Elise Hassey for Floreat

Colours: red, "shady lady", pink, white and "fire and brimstone" 

11. Banksia Praemorsa

A beautiful meaty banksia, coming in a lovely yellow, or a rusty colour

There are also some beautiful flowers we talked about last month that are still around. 

12. Delphinium

Meaning - Delphiniums symbolize cheerfulness and goodwill, as well as a protective plant.

Delphiniums come in beautiful shades of blue, mauve, and white. The most commonly know delphinium is actually a hybrid! Pictured below.


Image source: Pinterest

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