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Seasonal Market Flower Guide : April 2022

by Jane Lampe |

What Australian flowers are in season this Autumn?

Autumn is one of my favourite times to source  flowers at The Sydney Flower Market. As soon as the air turns cooler and the leaves start to change, it's amazing to see the shift in the types of flowers available.

We are so blessed in Sydney to benefit from so many beautiful local flower growers within Sydney's outskirts, and throughout NSW, who grow top quality, and stunning seasonal blooms. I will always select locally grown flowers,  not only because they reduce our impact on the environment but they also tend to have lots of character and beauty, as well as the sweetest fragrance.

Australia is home to some stunning autumn varieties and I get so excited to be able to experiment with them in different bouquets and arrangements.  The cooler temperatures and shorter days of autumn provide perfect conditions for many species to emerge, such as the beautiful bulb flowers.

Here are some of my favourite blooms I love bringing back to the studio at this beautiful time of year:

1.  Tulips

Meaning - Deep Love

I am so happy tulips are back. Spring is usually considered Tulip season but we find some of the most stunning Tulips in Autumn from De Boer Tulips (which translates to "The Farmer") who began their family business in the fields of Holland. Their single, double, parrot and frilly tulips are grown in VIC & some of the most beautiful we've seen

Tulips are a type flower from the lily family, that originated as wildflowers in central asia and turkey and cultivated in many parts of the world. They come in the most gorgeous colours - a lovely creamy white, so many different shades of pink, mauve, yellow, orange and purple.  I love the double tulips, because they look so classy, and when they open up they look almost like a peony or a beautiful rose! Not to mention the frilly tulips, or the parrot tulips.... 

Image Source - Pinterest

Image Source - I love Wednesday's for Floreat

2. Lisianthus

Meaning - Appreciation

Lisianthus are delicate and elegant flowers that look similar to roses, with a blowsy bloom. They are native to the southern United States, Mexico, and northern South America.

They come in the most beautiful pinks, white, and soft mauve and yellow and I just love when they are in season. They give beautiful body to our arrangements and last up to a week if you look after them.

3. Cyclamen

Meaning - Love and Sincere Tenderness

Most often associated with beautiful plants this time of year, we love using cyclamen as cut flowers! Grown, and carefully picked by our friend Arietta and her Dad Tom on the Central Coast, they are so cute on their own in a little vase, but are also fun mixed into one of our bright bouquets.

They come in the most beautiful shades of pink, red, and of course white.


 Images Source: Elise Hassey for Floreat

4. Freesias

Meaning - Trust and Friendship

One of my favourite flowers are back! Freesias are a beautiful, elegant, dainty flower that were originally native to South America. My favourite colour is a soft mauve, and they also come in white, yellow, orange, and a brighter purple.

Image Source: I Love Wednesday's for Floreat

5. Hyacinth

Meaning - The hyacinth is the flower of the sun god Apollo and is a symbol of peace, commitment and beauty, but also of power and pride. The hyacinth is often found in Christian churches as a symbol of happiness and love. 

Hyacinths are native to the eastern Mediterranean region and are known for their sweet powerful fragrance. I am always so happy when hyacinths come back into the market and due to their gorgeous perfume,  I love including them in orders for our clients that love fragrance.

They are perfect in a vase on the coffee table, and I think they look best one one colour en masse. I love white, but also soft pink and soft blue. 


 6. Giant candle banksias

Native to Australia, these stunning banksias have a beautiful rusty colour, and look amazing in our native bouquets, and our weekly arrangements. They also dry out really nicely and are perfect if you want something to last a long time and retain their  colour.


7. Tuberose

Meaning - Peace, Purity and Innocence

Autumn is one of the best times for tuberose and we love the most gorgeous perfume this flower brings to our bouquets.

Tuberose is a tropical plant native to to Mexico and Central America, but is now widely cultivated and grown in many parts of the world, including Australia. They have a strong sweet fragrance, long skinny stems with delicate champagne blooms and a suggestion of soft pink.

Image Credit - @floralux 

8. Dahlias

Meaning - eternal love and commitment

Dahlias are around now until Mother's Day. They come in beautiful colours, including bright pinks and apricots, white, Burgundy, and my favourite, cafe au lait, and also different sizes, from the cute little pompom variety, to some that are as big as a plate!

Dahlias (native to Central America) are a genus of flowering plants that belong to the family Asteraceae, which includes daisies, sunflowers, and asters. They can grow up to 1m high and when cut can last up to about a week if kept in the right spot.

9. Cosmos

Meaning - order and harmony

Cosmos also belong to the Asteraceae family, which includes daisies, sunflowers, and asters. Coming in white and hot pink, cosmos are often used to symbolize order and harmony, due largely to the flower's harmonious petals.

Another really "English" style flower, in particular, the different pinks in the pink cosmos can be quite unique and lovely


10. Banksia Speciosa

Meaning - Showy

Banksia speciosa is one of our favourite banksias! While not defined in the Victorian Language of Flowers, it's latin name means "showy", and it certainly is the star of the show!

Masculine and strong, it looks great in our corporate arrangements, but also in our native and eclectic bouquets, and I love it's soft colour and zigzag leaves.

11. Roses 

Meaning - Love

Beautiful locally grown roses are amazing at the moment!

Roses are a genus of flowering plants in the family Rosaceae, and are one of the most beloved and popular flowers in the world. They are well known for their stunning beauty and sweet fragrance and some of my favourite varieties are; Princess, which have a stunning musk pink colour; Honey Dijon; Evelyn, which is a gorgeous, soft peach; David Austin variety; and little old Cecile Brunners, which are cute little button sized pink garden roses. 

Our beautiful locally grown roses have so much character, and the most amazing fragrances. Every rose has rose has its own unique scent that seems to match it’s colour. Nature is amazing isn’t it! Next time you are near some roses, try have a sniff and see if you can notice the difference?

Image Credit: I Love Wednesdays for Floreat

Image Credit : Pinterest

Here are some of the bouquets and arrangements we are creating at the moment with these beautiful flowers!

Sustainable Flowers at Floreat

Like fruit and vegetables, the most beautiful, and top quality flowers, are the ones that are locally grown, in season and fresh! We use locally grown in season flowers for all our arrangements, instead of sourcing imported flowers that negatively impact on the environment.

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