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An Interview with Lee Morgan of Jardan

by Jane Lampe |

I have been obsessed with Jardan since I first spotted their "Wilfred" sofa in a Design Files post in 2014, so when I got wind of them opening their new showroom in Darlinghurst in 2017, I pretty much stalked Lee until she let me come in to do their flowers when they first opened. And lucky for us, we still get to come in and do them every week!! During this time, we have also gotten to know their fab team of designers and staff as well.
Photo from @jardanfurniture
While they shut their doors for a month or so during the height of Covid-19, we are VERY happy to be back doing their flowers weekly. I have asked their NSW State Manager Lee Morgan a few questions about their amazing showroom, and how they have created such an amazing space.
Can you tell us a bit about the history of Jardan, how it started, and how it came to Sydney? And how did you come to work at Jardan?

Jardan began life as an upholstery business in the late 80’s originating in Melbourne, and was taken over by our current directors Nick and Michael Garnham in 1997.  From then to now, Jardan has evolved, grown and developed into the lifestyle brand it is today, and proudly known as industry leaders in furniture design.

We’ve had a presence in Sydney for quite some time, however in 2015 expanding into Retail allowed the company to open our iconic showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and soon Perth!

I’ve been with Jardan for 6 years now, starting as a sales consultant.  I studied Interior Design and I’d been a long-time fan of the company’s aesthetic, and respected the ethos and the mark they were making in the design industry with their environmental and local focus. When I saw the position advertised I jumped at it! My love for the brand has only grown deeper each year as I’m constantly inspired about what we create next, it’s so exciting to be a part of.

We LOOOOOVVVVVEEEE your showroom, everything about it. Including the products, and of course the people!! Can you tell us a bit about why you chose the location you are in, and the design and format you went for?

It’s stunning isn’t it!? Everywhere you look there’s a product, design detail or a pocket of light that catches your eye. It’s awe inspiring and you cant help but feel good in this space.

Our original showroom was in Rosebery, however we wanted to move from the industrial area to somewhere with more retail presence which was more central for our clients. We opened our beautiful flagship store in 2017 and now call Paddington home. We love being a part of such a lively scene surrounded by architectural history, fashion, art and there is such a beautiful community feel here.

Our showrooms are considerately designed by architect and friend, Iva Foschia from IF Architecture in Melbourne, and the end result is a beautiful collaboration with our creative team.

Photos by Elise Hassey

Your showroom feels like a home away from home for me, and I know I'm not the only one. But it's not just the design and your incredible furniture, it's also the people you have working there, and the lovely regular events you host. Was the "comfort" you have created in the space something that was planned when it was designed, or has it evolved organically?

It certainly does feel less like a showroom and more like a home and the comfort is definitely something we intended. We want people to feel compelled to visit, linger when here and have a desire to return.

 Our team is amazing, and feel extremely lucky to be able to call it home as well, and it shows when you walk through the doors. We want everyone to feel welcome and enjoy their experience and we love when people have that feeling in here.

 A big part of that is the floral arrangements you and Beth create for us, from day one you have nailed our brief and consistently uplifted the showroom with what you do each week, we constantly get compliments, and we cant keep enough of your cards in here! (PS we need more please!)

Photo from @jardanfurniture

We love working with the amazing vases you have when we do the flowers in your showroom. How do you choose the amazing pieces that you offer? 

Jardan’s offering extends into a beautifully curated Homewares range. Our Homewares Manager and Creative Director source both locally and internationally to create seasonal collections which are distinctive and lead trends, yet complement our timeless and liveable furniture designs.

 From sculptural vases, to art, to bedlinen, rugs and cushions we expand into all areas of the home allowing customers to really immerse themselves in the Jardan way of life.

Photos by Elise Hassey

I know sustainability is very important for Jardan, which is one of the reasons we love you so much as it is important to us too!! Can you tell us a bit about where you source your materials, and where your furniture is made?

Sustainability is one of our highest company values and really informs everything we do. We strongly believe in the responsibility we hold in creating a smaller footprint, acting mindfully and minimising waste to build furniture pieces that last a lifetime.

Our materials are all sourced ethically, and our pieces are all custom made and handcrafted on Australian turf in Melbourne.  Jardan was awarded Australia’s highest environmental rating and has been an accredited carbon-neutral organisation since 2014, which is incredible.

It’s becoming more and more at the forefront of people’s minds when investing, as it should be! So it’s wonderful when our customers are aligned with the same values.

I really encourage everyone to jump on the website and read further into our story and our sustainability report, it’s something we’re truly passionate about and it’s what sets us apart and we  look forward to welcoming all your readers into the showroom! Come and enjoy the fireplace!

Thank you so much Lee!! If you are looking for flowers in your office, showroom, cafe, restaurant or shop, have a look at what we can do for you. 

Photo by Elise Hassey

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