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The people behind Winnow Chocolates

by Jane Lampe |

About 6 or 7 years ago now, I first got in touch with Amanda, who owned Winnow Chocolates. I'd seen her products around the traps, and heard it was great, and I wanted to offer chocolate on my website, from another small business like mine.
Amanda was lovely, and it turned out I'd done the flowers at some of her friend's weddings!!
Anyway, I loved her chocolate, and it wasn't long until we developed our own Floreat x Winnow line of 3 delicious flower-inspired chocolates (with the beautiful packaging, which is just as beautiful as the chocolate, designed by Mel from Tomorrow People
4 years ago, Amanda sold her business to her brother and sister in law, Carolyn and Jeremy, who moved production closer to their home in Wentworth Falls. They have gone from strength to strength with the business. 
I asked Carolyn to answer a few questions about their business now!
1. Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?
We have been running Winnow Chocolates for over 4 years now. We relocated  Winnow from Sydney to the Blue Mountains, where we live.
Our studio is in the beautiful village of Wentworth Falls and on the occasional snow days we get in Wentworth Falls, it's hard to focus on making chocolate! We are a husband and wife team, who run the business together, with occasional 'help' from our 2 children, especially during COVID homeschooling!
2. What made you decide to go into making your delicious chocolates?
We were looking to make a career change and run our own business and decided to do something entirely different from our previous work. It was a steep learning curve to take on the business, but it has been amazing and we have a great group of fantastic clients who are great to work with.
3. What does a typical day look like for you when you are making chocolates?
Our chocolates are entirely handmade and packaged by hand also. Every day of making chocolates involves melting and tempering chocolate and making chocolate bars or other items in a range of flavours. On a busy day we can make up to 300 or so chocolate bars - around 25 kilos worth of chocolate! Finished products are then packaged and allocated to orders and then we finalise orders and do a run to the post office. And of course there is washing up, cleaning, emails and more throughout the day!
4. Can you tell us a bit about the range of clients that you have?
We have clients in QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and WA, city and regional locations. We sell mainly to florists, gift stores, hamper businesses, hotels and cafes. Our beautiful Typoflora packaging is very popular with lots of our clients! We also work with corporate clients for personalised products and client gifts.
5. Are you a sweet tooth? And do you like eating chocolate?
Yes. We love chocolate, but when you are surrounded by it every day, the good news is you like it less!
6. What is your favourite product that you sell?
From all of our products, my favourite is the Ultimate Chocolate Crackle. Of the Winnow x Floreat range, my favourite is definitely the White Chocolate with Raspberry, Rose Petals and Turkish Delight. It's a very popular flavour with many of our clients.

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