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Floreat Loves

The Origin of the Christmas Wreath

by Jane Lampe |

There's no more beautiful mark to the beginning of the festive season, than by hanging a beautiful Christmas wreath on your door! Image Source: Country Style Magazine In times gone by, Christmas wreaths imitated the northern hemisphere Christmas style, designed with wintry foliages like spruce and berries. But these days there are so many different styles of wreaths around, reflecting our...

Inside Look at the Flower Market : November 2020

by Jane Lampe |

We are already 1/3rd of our way through November, and we've definitely seen the distinct changeover from early to late spring flowers!!! No more of our beautiful cottagey lilac, guilder rose and blossom - that heady almost summer mix of peonies, roses and all sorts of shades of hydrangea are starting to dominate our bouquets! Here are 5 of our favourite flowers around this month...

Three ways to preserve your bridal bouquet

by Beth Abood |

 Often we get asked by our brides how to preserve their bouquet after the wedding. We completely understand why they’d want to do this; flowers play such a special role in the wedding, often lovingly chosen by the bride and groom and with some sentimental or nostalgic value, and if preserved well they can be turned into a really special...

House plants for the black thumb

by Jane Lampe |  | 1 comment

In the indoor plant world, there are two types of people: 1. The Green Thumb 2. The Plant Killer, otherwise known as the "black thumb". While I'd like to think I'm a lovely green thumb, horrifically I *sometimes fall into the plant killer category. I love my plants!! They make my home seem so much...

Inside Look at the Flower Market: October 2020

by Jane Lampe |

The markets have been out of control beautiful, every market day lately!!! This time of year is certainly an assault on the senses, and is bringing so much happiness to my life. :) So many beautiful blooms to choose from, it is very hard to narrow it down for you!!! But we've kept it to eight newbies. Here are some...

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