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Floreat Loves: Top Ten of the Week : 28 June 2019

by Beth Abood |

Welcome! We're so excited to share with you the very first edition of Floreat Loves: Top Ten of the Week, where each Friday we'll be posting ten images from the gram that have inspired us that week. 

Kicking off this week...

1. Mary Lennox

Ruby holding this giant Hollyhock has us reminiscing about Summer's spent in Europe, where these guys grow like weeds.  

2. Aquabumps

Just when you think everyone you know is in Europe but you, Aquabumps has transported us away from Sydney's chilly Winter for a minute with this stunning image of the most amazing beach in Mallorca. 

3. Fjura

Simone is the queen of a good flower combo. We especially love this one for it's wild, organic look and that crazy, long lavender. 


4. Doctor Cooper 

Two of our great loves together as one: Cyclamen and Citrus, paired with Lisa's signature bows. 


5. Isabelle Francise

Sydney's roses are dwindling as winter sets in, but London's Regent's Park is in full bloom and has us excited for the local rose season to return again.


6. Lou Flowers 

LA-based Justine has just moved into this sweet studio, or as she calls it, her "green room". We love this very cool arrangement she's made to match. 


7. Mowgli Studio 

Mowgli make the most incredible wreaths and hamper baskets, which we sell on our website. They also do beautiful botanic styling, and this light, plant-filled nook has justified our plant obsession. 


8. Of The Flowers

This is certainly not your average wedding! We love this "prismatic fantasy" - so colourful and fun. More weddings like this, please? 

9. The Little Banana

Cake and flowers: the perfect duo. 

10. Wilder

Wilder's amazing installation inspired our work at The Depot this week. With just two ingredients and clean lines, this fierce guy lives at the newly fit out Body Love Pilates. 

See ya next week! X 

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