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Floreat Loves : Top Ten of the Week : 28 April 2020

by Jane Lampe |

This week for the top ten, I'm bringing to you some of our top florists, photographers, designers and stylists, who in my mind, are the masters in bringing the outside in, and are constantly inspiring us with their aesthetic at Floreat.

1. Abbie Melle

I don't know about you, but this spot where photographer Abbie shoots in her cottage in the southern highlands always looks so cosy, made more so by the beautiful posies of garden picked blooms she puts on the side table, like this lilac. Imagine waking up to this scent in the morning.

2. Shane Connolly

British florist Shane brings the elegant but relaxed English style garden look to us on Insta, and I love it. Simple single stems of tulips mixed with geranium. I can smell that geranium!

3. Kara Rosenlund

Australian photographer Kara brings Australian natives to beach vibes. Banksias and shells, what better combination! Kara's book "Weekends" is available here.

4. Fjura

I love these lux magnolia flowers on top of a retro filing cabinet by London-based Australian florist Simone Gooch.


 5. Sibella Court

I love Sibella's aesthetic, and her love of old - and this green armchair!! The fresh green in this garden bunch lifts the otherwise darker tones in it's surroundings.

6. Tat London

Tat by Charlie Parker is an online vintage and antiques dealer, but his Instagram page is more than that - I just LOVE his images - and the flowers and foliage just add to these scenes! Just like this huge bunch of wattle amongst a beautiful room full of books and rugs.

 7. Annabelle Hickson

Annabelle is the QUEEN of bringing the outside in, so much so that she has a book called "A Tree in the House" (available on our website).

I love her kitchen and this wood stove.

 8. Vogue Living

Curates the best of the best, just like this. Look at the beautiful foliage framing the room. 

9. Steve Cordony

Stepping it up with wall paper to match his flowers at his country home, Rosedale Farm, in Orange.

10. Amy Merrick

Sometimes with the right little vessel, all you need is the right little flower. Amy's book "On Flowers" is also available on our website.

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