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Top Ten of the week is BACK!!! 21 March 2020

by Jane Lampe |

It's been a while, but now is as good a time as any to bring back the Floreat Loves Top Ten!

I think this whole coronavirus situation is teaching the world a lot of things, and for me, it's to appreciate things I took for granted.

This week I'm posting all about the people who have inspired me this week, not just creatively with flowers, but creatively with business, and LIFE, and some of these people have pretty much devoted their whole week to helping other people. Here we go.

1. Ashdown and Bee

OK, we'll start with this beautiful photo of an amazing wedding a few years ago by Ashdown and Bee and Aleksandra - Ashdown and Bee said what we've all been thinking in our line of work - so many people are devastated that plans and months of preparations for beautiful events like this have had to be postponed, or even cancelled. Couples getting married are devo, fundraising organisations do not have the same platforms to raise necessary donations, not to mention the flow on effect it's had on both the floristry and hospitality industries. While we know the cancellation of parties is not the end of the world and there are far more important issues at hand, it's had a huge impact on our industry. But posting beautiful images like this reminds us that after all this is over, we'll be back and better than ever!!

2. The Depot 

The most recent restrictions by the government have had massive ramifications for cafes, restaurants and bars. Most looking at doing home delivery or takeaway need to totally re-arrange their staff, systems, not to mention re-design websites to cater for online orders if that's what they are doing, all so quickly, and even then will be relying on us to continue our custom. If you can, support these guys, order a home delivery or pop in and pick up a takeaway! Means you still get beautiful smile and a lovely chat along with your meal, which people like The Depot are famous for, not to mention their yummy food.

3. Beth Abood

Our own Beth Abood has raised the issue that this has already heavily impacted flower farms and suppliers. Months of growing beautiful flowers, especially our local growers in and around Sydney, is quickly going to waste, and flowers are literally being thrown out.

Please think twice when you cancel your regular office delivery, or your event. Why don't your redirect your flowers to the homes of your staff, or give them to your clients? 

Or if you can, buy yourself flowers for your house - lets face it, we'll be spending lots of time there for a while! Or send some to friends and family you can't see to remind to brighten their day.

4. Flow Athletic

Gyms and yoga studios are being hit hard as people are staying at home, either voluntarily or because they have to. But it's so important we keep up our fitness, both mentally and physically to beat this bloody virus!

Ben and Kate of Flow Athletic have been at the forefront of the industry, implementing changes to their classes and the space at Flow Athletic, and offering both online and outdoor classes, making sure no one misses out, and also reassuring people it's safe to continue to attend their awesome classes.

5. Sam Mac

Sam Mac launched "plugapalooza" earlier week, where he plugged 100 small businesses on Sunrise - what a platform, surely making a huge impact for businesses who have been affected. Thanks Sam!

 6. Aquabumps

Uge generally does a great job taking our minds off work on a daily basis by transporting us from our desks to the beach, but the other day he captured the most AMAZING thing down at Bronte - dolphins reminding us we can still have a bit of fun.

 7. Vogue Living 

Vogue Living has launched #StayHomeWithVL to make social distancing as creative and inspiring as possible.

8. Broadsheet and Sarah Norris

Broadsheet and it's Sydney editor Sarah Norris are instrumental in supporting Sydney businesses, particularly those in hospitality. They are so important now more than ever to keep these great places in people's faces. 

This week they posted about Social platform Next Door, which is helping to connect people with their neighbours, offering to buy groceries for those in isolation, share their toilet paper and walk people’s dogs when they can’t leave the house.

 9. Eco-age

Sustainability & communications consultancy Eco-age, simplying ways we can continue to support local business. Don't cancel your memberships or subscriptions, postpone events don't cancel them, buy gift vouchers, and share the work of your friends.

 10. Triple J and Support Act

The live music scene is another industry thats been heavily affected. Go to to find out all the different ways you can support these guys. From simply making a donation, buying records, streaming, or forgoing your refund. 

 11. Carla from Ivy League

Whoops we have 11!!! Well we need another flower post.

Beautiful Sydney florist Carla, one half of Ivy League in Naremburn, reminding us we can still go out into the parks and botanic gardens to experience beauty and nature.


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