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On Flowers




Amy Merrick began her life on a family farm in the countryside; became a darling of the design world, working out of her small Brooklyn floral studio, arranging flowers at the Met and collaborating with brands like Kinfolk and Rifle Paper Company; then gave it all up to travel and teach her style of wild, natural flower arranging all over the world, from chÉteaus in France to villages in Morocco, high-rises in China to ancient temples in Kyoto.

Now, in her first book, she distills all that she's experienced, teaching readers to really see the natural beauty that is all around them, whether a bunch of brightly colored carnations from the corner bodega or a single lucky four-leaf clover, and how to use it to create simple arrangements that celebrate the unique qualities of whatever space, mood, and season they are in.

Merrick begins with a primer on flower arranging, from selecting your blooms to creating pleasing proportions, before moving into the heart of the book, five eclectic chapters that follow her personal journey: City Things, Country Things, Fancy Things, Humble Things, and Faraway Things. Each chapter features dozens of beautiful blooms, reflections on topics ranging from the exquisite pleasure of heritage roses to museums well suited for flower lovers, and tips and tricks for creating your own stunning arrangements.

It all adds up to an incredibly informative, deeply personal, visually lush treasure trove of a book.

On Flowers