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Clare & Jim : Sergeants Mess : June 2018

by Beth Abood |

I'll start by saying this is absolutely one of our favourite weddings of 2018!

Clare and Jim came to us only a few weeks before their wedding date. They were so relaxed and gave Jane a lot of room to make suggestions for what would work well at the venue they'd chosen: Sergeants Mess. 

Clare looked absolutely beautiful on the day, holding her all white bouquet. 

Her stunning bridesmaids held bouquets that had just one flower en masse, and all were different from each other; one with orchids, another with tulips and the third with sweet peas. 

Being the middle of Winter, there isn't the usual abundance of local roses and hydrangea that we often lean toward, which always prompts a bit of creativity from us and warrants a lot more of an open mind from our wedding couples. We opted for everyone's favourite Winter flower, the Cymbidium orchid (these are truly breathtaking and stole the show), tulips, sweet peas, anthuriums and then a mix of native flowers (proteas, banksias, billy buttons). 

To make such an eclectic mix of flower types work, we had to make sure all the different colours blended well within the chosen colour palette. 


Opting for vase "clusters" of varying heights, colours and shapes (rather than a single vase arrangement) is a really cost-effective way of doing things. The flowers tend to go further this way, but have just as much impact as a single and often more expensive vase arrangement. 

We're so happy with how everything turned out, and are looking forward to working on more weddings at Sergeants Mess this year. 

Congratulations, Clare and Jim. 

Photography by Lana Ivanova -

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