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How to Press Flowers

by Beth Abood |

Flower pressing is such a nice way to eternalise the beauty of your favourite flowers, especially as the season's change and you say goodbye to them for another year. A pressed flower collection is one of those things you don't know you'll use until you have it! I mostly use my pressed flowers for card making, but there are loads of other things you can create. 

Here's how to do it using a wooden flower press: 


    Choose flowers that aren’t wilted, torn, or bruised. Cut ones that have just opened, when their colour is best. Do it on a sunny day, when the petals aren’t wet from rain or dew. 
    Tip: Flowers with naturally flat faces are easier to press than those with a 3D shape.


    Arrange the flowers any way you like on the cardboard or paper sheets provided. Get creative with this step - they make really cool flat lay pics! Then, layer everything up like a sandwich so it goes wood, paper, flowers, paper, wood. 
    Tip: To press more flowers just add more layers separated by paper – it dries them out quickly, so they don’t brown. 


    Close the press and tighten the nuts to keep everything together. You can leave the flowers to rest as is, or if you really want to keep the colour and prevent browning, change the paper sheets every four days or so.

    4. WAIT 2-4 WEEKS

    Leave the flowers to press for two to four weeks. Don't peek! 

    5. TAKE A PEEK 

    After this time, take a look. The flowers are ready if they feel papery. Peel flowers gently off the paper with your fingers, or use tweezers. And that's it! 

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    We want to see what you make! Tag us on Instagram @floreatfloral





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