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Keep this list handy when ordering your next gift bouquet

by Beth Abood |

When I lived overseas I always worried about ordering flowers for friends and family back home. I wanted the bouquet to be both a) worth my money and b) beautiful for the recipient, so being the picky florist that I am I always felt it was a gamble if I didn’t know the florist or what was in season at the time. 

But it’s actually quite simple to get rid of uncertainty if you know the right things to communicate to your florist. Consider these things next time you order a gift bouquet: 


Prices vary massively between different flower types, which means a higher price doesn’t always mean a bigger bouquet. For instance, a single but perfectly formed Phalaenopsis orchid stem can cost upwards of $40, while a small anemone is more like $3, and a rose anywhere from $2-$6. So if your priority is the bouquet's size, make sure to communicate this to your florist and they’ll use more of the less expensive flowers. 

(But keep in mind, by prioritising size you may have to sacrifice other factors such as scent, style or design)


Lifespan also varies hugely between different flower types. A Phalaenopsis orchid stem can last a number of weeks, as can many tropical flowers, leaves, Australian natives and long-lasting garden flowers like hydrangea. At the other end of the spectrum, locally grown David Austin roses and Dahlias might last only a few days, but their superpowers lie in their sweet scents and striking beauty. So if your priority is long-lasting flowers and your happy to sacrifice other factors, let your florist know.


Back in the day when you'd buy a mixed bunch from your local flower shop you’d get some beautiful flowers arranged in a neat, round style, and some inexpensive greenery inserted in between to fill the gaps. But the flower industry has changed dramatically and styles have evolved in the last decade, and so new foliages in all colours and textures have become available at markets. Foliage is no longer just an inexpensive “filler”, but an equally interesting element of the bouquet, and therefore has an equal price tag attached. If you like a bit of green, a sculptural look or are after a bulkier bouquet, ask your florist to add some foliage. 


Translate: how long will the flowers be out of water. All good florists “wet wrap” delicate bouquets in some wet tissue or a sponge to keep the flowers fresh, but the flowers will always stay fresher in water. So if the person your sending to will be sitting in an office all day and likely leave it wrapped on their desk until they leave, ask your florist to deliver in a vase or have the wrapped bouquet delivered to their home address later in the afternoon. 

(This is particularly important in warmer months)

So next time you order, come prepared with an idea of your main priority and then leave it with your trusty florist to choose the best flowers that will suit your needs.

Floreat Loves x  

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