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Flowers and fashion - a perfectly beautiful partnership

by Jane Lampe |

Flowers and Fashion have mutually influenced each other for centuries, but throughout the relatively modern history of the multi-million dollar international fashion industry, flowers have been used more and more to make stunning clothes look even more amazing to appeal to so many different tastes, and I LOVE seeing how these amazing fashion houses, magazines, stylists, and florists, work together to create what in my mind is a perfect symbiotic relationship.

From Yves St Laurent, Romance Was Born, and Rodarte’s out of this world and decadent fashion shows of the 90’s through to today matching their equally decadent gowns, magazine covers of fashion favourites Vogue or Harper's Bazaar telling a visual story through the florals on the cover, or even Zimmerman or Dolce and Gabanna’s signature floral prints designed to suit the personality of the wearers, flowers, above anything else, have been used to create a full, beautiful effect to make people WANT these beautiful clothes, and appealing not just to materialistic lovers of beautiful things like me, but everyone, to express themselves in their own way.

Kate Moss on the catwalk for Yves Saint Laurent S/S 1993, wearing a stunning floral ensemble, and completely surrounded by matching flowers.

Source - Vogue Australia

Rodarte FW19 Backstage, making good use of anthuriums on their heads, with almost kitsch gowns to match.

Source - Rodarte

Sydney fashion's favourite florist Saskia Havekes from Grandiflora created this amazing floral display for Romance Was Born for S/S 2009/2010, inspired by the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, which beautifully complimented the quirky and beautiful clothes.

And flew to New York to support Zimmerman in New York for their simple, breezy Spring Ready to Wear collection in 2019.

Source for both - Grandiflora

Beyonce on the cover of US Vogue in September 2018. Beyonce's simple dress and makeup reflected her serious interview about recovering after the birth of her twins, juxtaposed with this amazing floral headpiece by Rebel Rebel, appealing to the dramatic.

Source: Vogue US

And again, Grandiflora helped create this AMAZING cover with sisters Kylie and Danni Minogue for Harpers Bazaar 2014, reflecting both their gorgeous, pretty and colourful personalities.

Source - Harper's Bazaar

And whether you're a bold personality, or on the more mild side, between Dolce and Gabanna and Zimmermann, you're covered. Soft pastel floral prints are a favourite of Australian brand Zimmermann, and of course Dolce and Gabbana are synonymous with a more audacious version.

Source - Zimmermann and Vogue Australia

For anyone, like the clothes we choose to wear and the outfits we put together, at Floreat, the flowers we choose to use, and the flower arrangements we put together reflect our values, personality and individuality.

And again, while the clothes we wear might suit the occasion or location, so do the flowers we create. They might be beautiful, quirky, simple, practical, bright or neutral, but they will always reflect "Floreat".


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