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Why plants are the new cats

by Jane Lampe |

So, to begin with, I have a confession to make, I don’t like cats. I had a kitten when I was 9 years old called Gizzy, named after Gizmo, the cute cuddly little monster from the Gremlins. Gizzy was my best friend, that was until she met her fate with our dog Tupence.

So Gizzy’s death broke my heart, and I’ve never been able to love another pet since.

But yes, this story is about PLANTS! Not cats!

You may have heard the saying that "Plant Ladies are the new cat ladies" - but it's not just ladies - EVERYONE is loving indoor plants right now! 

Source: Mowgli Studio - Stef and Cass from Mowgli Studio have just opened an amazing botanical emporium in Long Jetty.

Plants are the BEST!! And not only do they make your house look beautifully styled, they thrive from your nourishment and love, or if they are anything like my plants at home, sometimes they thrive from neglect! They don’t leave fur on the couch, or surprises on the floor for you to step in. And they won’t break your heart like Gizzy!

Source: Leaf Supply

Source: Leaf Supply

Source: Jumbled

I love all of these beautiful images of plants, they are just so beautiful, and while I admit maybe it's just because I love the colour green, these beautiful specimens just make your home seem so much more homely and alive!

If you’re not sure what plants will suit your home, or how to care for the ones you have, we are so excited that our plant bible, The Leaf Supply, along with it's sequel Indoor Jungle, are now for sale on our website, along with a number of other beautiful plant books!! In particular, these two stunning books, written by our fellow Sydney florist Sophia Kaplan and her friend Laura Camelliri, are our FAVOURITE plant books, and for any other “plant ladies" or "plant men" out there, I highly recommend you adding one, or both, to your library.

 X Floreat Loves

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