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For Lockdown

Our pick of online exhibitions, talks and courses

by Jane Lampe |

So, the novelty of lockdown has well and truly worn off, and you might be needing a bit more intellectual stimulation than what is offered on Netflix, and a break from what is groundhog day at work, and the same track you've been pounding twice a day for the last 4 weeks, which is getting a little monotonous!  As we know,...

5 ways to treat your friends while you're socially distancing

by Jane Lampe |

It's crazy times, our social lives are restricted to online chats with friends, and walks in the park in parties of two. I don't know about you, but I can't wait till the day when I can meet my friends for wine and pizza "in person"!! In the meantime, we are seeing so many people thoughtfully send their friends and...

If you’re running out of activities to keep the kids busy, we have an idea

by Beth Abood |

While I’m not a parent myself, I’m gathering from the parents around me that keeping the kids entertained at home at the moment is tough. That’s why we thought we’d share an idea for an activity that can be done inside your home, and will keep the kids occupied not just for the next twenty mins, but possibly for a...

The unexpected delivery and virtual services that will have your iso sorted

by Beth Abood |

About a year ago we wrote a blog post about fun and unexpected delivery services, which read.. “The delivery services sector is growing so rapidly that you could quite literally hibernate until Spring.” It’s unbelievable to think that's now what we might actually be in for! Now felt like a good time to update the article to include some small business...

Simple, natural ways to practise self-care

by Beth Abood |

As if she’d predicted the possibility of self-isolation during a global pandemic, Fran Bailey writes in her book The Healing Power of Plants:"In these modern times, we need plants more than ever. Our connection with plants is primal and we depend on them for our basic human needs. Plants can help to keep us alert, calm us when we feel...