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Simple, natural ways to practise self-care

by Beth Abood |

As if she’d predicted the possibility of self-isolation during a global pandemic, Fran Bailey writes in her book The Healing Power of Plants:

"In these modern times, we need plants more than ever. Our connection with plants is primal and we depend on them for our basic human needs. Plants can help to keep us alert, calm us when we feel stressed, add goodness to our food and bring joy and beauty to our living and working spaces. Even when we are unwell, being in close proximity to plants can facilitate healing and improve well-being. And plants are also beautiful: they bring a room to life in a way that a sofa or soft furnishings never can".

Have truer words been said?!

This paragraph has been a source of inspiration for our writing this week.  As we face the possibility of spending more hours in our own homes than usual, we know it’s going to be important to make our home environments a space that’ll make us feel good and bring joy – a little sanctuary of sorts – and what better way to practise some self-care and nurture our mental health than by bringing inside parts of the natural world?  Here's some inspiration for how you can do this:  

1. Introduce some plants to clean the air

In 1989, NASA conducted research on ways to keep the air in the space station clean and discovered that certain houseplants eliminate toxins commonly found in paint, cleaning products, carpets and plastics. Of course, these results still hold true – bringing plants into your home means you benefit by breathing in cleaner, healthier air, and surrounding yourself with greenery has also been proven to help lift your mood, inspire ideas and create a sense of calm - something we probably don't need a research study to prove!

2. Put flowers in some of the rooms

If flowers in the house aren’t normally your thing, now could be the time to give it a try. Flowers bring joy, happiness and colour on the dullest of days and there’s a noticeably good feeling when you open your front door and are hit with the scent of fresh flowers or foliage. Bunches of eucalyptus, gardenias and jasmine foliage have noticeably strong smells, as well as local roses, sweet pea, hyacinth and lilies. If cost is a concern, ask your florist for flowers or foliage that dry out nicely, then you’ll have a bouquet that lasts forever. And don’t worry if you haven’t got a vase collection to pop them in - a few old pasta sauce, jam or pickle jars will do the trick and you only need a stem or two.

Introduce other natural smells

Candles made from non toxic, plant-based materials and scented with essential oils can make you feel so relaxed at any time of day. The soft, crackling sound when they burn, and the scent they give off can be incredibly calming on a rough day mentally. But make sure to choose one that’s comfortable for you – some candles can be too strong and have the opposite effect!

 We'll leave you with a great quote doing the rounds on the internet right now:

Conversations will not be cancelled.
Relationships will not be cancelled.
Love will not be cancelled.
Reading will not be cancelled.
Self-care will not be cancelled.
Hope will not be cancelled.
May we lean into the good stuff that remains.

And if you’d like to have a beautiful, healing bouquet or self-care package delivered to yourself or a loved one, we're delivering flowers and gifts daily throughout Sydney.

This blog post was written using the following books, from our online store

  • Live Green: 52 steps for a more sustainable life by Jen Chillingsworth
  • The Little Book of House Plants & Other Greenery by Emma Sibley
  • The Healing Power of Plants: The Hero House Plants that Love You Back by Fran Bailey 

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