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Inside Look at the Flower Market : December 2020

by Jane Lampe |

I just love it that so many Australian native flowers that are in full bloom in December, are just so christmassy. So this month we've devoted our 5 favourite flowers that are in their element at the markets this month to Christmassy flowers!!!

1. Christmas Bells

Can you get more Christmassy? Christmas Bells have been around for a couple of months now, but are really at their best at the moment. For a flower that has such a bright, distinct colour, they really do go with everything!! We aren't just using them in our native bunches at the moment, but also in our bright and gorgeous, and eclectic bunches!

Christmas bells are native to Eastern Australia, and grow predominantly in warmer climates, along the coast and in the mountains.

And the beauty of them is that they last for up to 10 days!

We also love that Christmas Bells were the feature of the Four Pillars Australia Christmas Gin bottle label - created by artist Lucy Dyson. So we've got to use them heaps in the Four Pillars Laboratory over the last couple of months!

2. Flowering Gum

So many beautiful coloured flowering gums are coming into the market - the different reds, pinks and oranges. But my favourite is this cream that has a touch of pink in it.

3. Kangaroo Paws

I just love kangaroo paws and I use them a lot - they come in so many amazing colours, from soft pinks and greys, to lilac, a really cool lime green, and red. But this time of year, my favourite is Christmassy orange.

4. Christmas Bush

What could be more Australian Christmas, than Christmas bush. Christmas bush comes in a gorgeous rusty red, and also white, which is a bit rarer than the red.

It is a shrub, that actually grows in the shape of a Christmas tree, as demonstrated by Craig Scott from East Coast Wildflowers.

5. Hydrangea 

Hydrangea just screams "summer" to me, and what could be more christmassy than raspberry hydrangea. 

The hydrangea has been at the markets for a month or two, but it's really hit it's stride, in beautiful, vibrant and soft, blues, purples, reds, pinks and white. And lots of different varieties, like the standard petal, lace cap, popcorn, and my favourite - "butterfly".

Here's a little recap of what we talked about last month, which lucky for us, is still around!

6. Roses

Beautiful locally grown roses are amazing at the moment!!

My favourite varieties are princess, which are a stunning musk pink colour, honey dijon (no description needed?), Evelyn, which is a stunning, soft peach David Austin variety, and little old Cecile brunners, which are cute little button sized pink garden roses. 

But I also love every other colour, so I don't know why I narrow it down :)

Our beautiful locally grown roses have so much character, and the most amazing scent. And every rose has a different scent, so in line with their colour. Nature is amazing isn't it?

Image Credit: I Love Wednesdays for Floreat

Image Credit : Pinterest

7. Peonies

Peonies are still around for a few more weeks, so make the most of them while you can! See our peony post for the full range! 

Image Credit: @fjura

8. Dorrigo Waratahs

Our Waratahs may not be around anymore, but wait, there's more! These beautiful dorrigo waratahs are very special and a great contribution to many bouquets and arrangements.

Image Credit : Pinterest

9. Flowering Magnolia

Giving our bouquets that luxe look, with that heady scent and equally stunning foliage, flowering magnolia has just arrived. We will be using these lots and lots in our All White bouquets.

Image Credit: @Charlotte_artyphoto

10. Hybrid Delphinium

Another favourite, particularly the "pink" and pale blue. Beautiful, elegant hybrid delphinium is in it's element at the moment, strong and tall, it looks amazing in some of our larger bunches.

Image Credit: Gardener's World

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