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Inside Look at the Flower Market : November 2020

by Jane Lampe |

We are already 1/3rd of our way through November, and we've definitely seen the distinct changeover from early to late spring flowers!!!

No more of our beautiful cottagey lilac, guilder rose and blossom - that heady almost summer mix of peonies, roses and all sorts of shades of hydrangea are starting to dominate our bouquets!

Here are 5 of our favourite flowers around this month at the markets!

1. Roses

Beautiful locally grown roses made a come back last month, but they have come into their own this month and I can't get enough of them! My favourite varieties are princess, which are a stunning musk pink colour, honey dijon (no description needed?), Evelyn, which is a stunning, soft peach David Austin variety, and little old Cecile brunners, which are cute little button sized pink garden roses. 

But I also love every other colour, so I don't know why I narrow it down :)

Our beautiful locally grown roses have so much character, and the most amazing scent. And every rose has a different scent, so in line with their colour. Nature is amazing isn't it?

Image Credit: I Love Wednesdays for Floreat

Image Credit : Pinterest

2. Peonies

Peonies also popped up last month, but now they are available in their full range! Coral charm is still around, as well as deep red, sarah Bernhardt which is a lovely mid-pink, and stunning white. See our peony post for the full range! 

Image Credit: @fjura

3. Hydrangea

Now officially available in all colours - blue, white purple, light pink, raspberry, lace cap, popcorn, and regular - it's here are we love it!!

Image Credit : Pinterest

4. Christmas Bells

Starting to make an appearance, Christmas bells are native to NSW, and a very good sign that Christmas is coming!!!

I love using them in our eclectic bouquets, they have such a good contrast with pinks!

Image Credit : Pinterest

5. Dorrigo Waratahs

Our Waratahs may not be around anymore, but wait, there's more! These beautiful dorrigo waratahs are very special and a great contribution to many bouquets and arrangements.

Image Credit : Pinterest

Here's a little recap of what we talked about last month, which lucky for us, is still around!

3. Flowering Magnolia

Giving our bouquets that luxe look, with that heady scent and equally stunning foliage, flowering magnolia has just arrived. We will be using these lots and lots in our All White bouquets.

Image Credit: @Charlotte_artyphoto

4. Bearded Iris

Honestly one of the most beautiful flowers on the planet, I could look at the structure of this flower all day, and the colours - unbelievable!!! These flowers may only last a few days, but are worth it while they do!

Image Credit: Frances Palmer Ceramics

5. Wheat

It's been a while since Australia was so flush with beautiful wheat like this. Many farmers have had at least a year or two without a crop, so I am personally very happy to have some beautiful wheat at Floreat at the moment, straight from the paddock in Narrabri. The perfect addition to our everlasting bouquets, and very proudly picked for us by my niece Harriet.

Image Credit: Floreat

8. Hybrid Delphinium

Another favourite, particularly the "pink" and pale blue. Beautiful, elegant hybrid delphinium is in it's element at the moment, strong and tall, it looks amazing in some of our larger bunches.

Image Credit: Gardener's World




 14. Rhododendron 

Rhododendron are often confused with Azalea, but with their much thicker, paddle-shaped evergreen leaves and big round clusters of brightly coloured flowers, which when flowering are so breathtaking they want to make you whip out your phone for a pic. 

While they are often deceivingly unassuming when picked, being tight with brown buds, but they are worth sticking with because when fully open, they are striking.


Photo by Randall Schieber, Image Source

Image Source: Canva 

    Colours: Shades of Purple, Red, White, Pink, Yellow 

    How long they last in a vase: 5-10 days depending on their stage of opening

    18. Wax flower

    For a very hardy, robust flower these are super delicate and pretty to the eye. Over the last year or so we've noticed the range of wax flower coming into the Sydney market has grown substantially and we are not complaining. The more common red bud and white varieties have been joined by a wider range of pink and purple shades. Some have pretty flowers dispersed throughout their lemon-scented leaves, while others are more densely packed with cluster upon cluster of waxy flowers. 

    Image Source@craigiosciott Instagram

    Colours: white, red, pink and purple

    How long they last in a vase: 7-10 days.

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    Cover image credit: Frances Palmer Ceramics