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Monthly Market Guide : January 2024

by Jane Lampe |

Already into our third week of January - how did that happen! We are back into full swing, and there are so many beautiful flowers about!

Here are a few of my favourites, that we are using a lot of at the moment in our arrangements and bouquets.

1. Pale pink flannel flowers

Craig Scott from East Coast Wildflowers has been breeding these super special, and rare, pale pink flannel flowers, and we have been very lucky to nab a few bunches over the last few weeks!

The are so pretty and dainty, their stems have the most amazing shape, and they last for ages!!!

2. Achillea

Meaning - being brave, courageous and saying I love you in spite of everything

Achillea, or yarrow, is another real favourite - it's so pretty and each bunch as a beautiful array of colours that all look so good together.

3. Roses 

Meaning - Love

Beautiful locally grown roses are amazing at the moment!!

My favourite varieties are princess, or otherwise known as pink amy lou, which are a stunning musk pink colour, honey dijon (no description needed?), Evelyn, which is a stunning, soft peach David Austin variety, and little old Cecile brunners, which are cute little button sized pink garden roses. 

But I also love every other colour, so I don't know why I narrow it down :)

Our beautiful locally grown roses have so much character, and the most amazing scent. And every rose has a different scent, so in line with their colour. Nature is amazing isn't it?

Image Credit: I Love Wednesdays for Floreat

Image Credit : Pinterest

4. Dahlias

Meaning - eternal love and commitment

Dahlias are around now until Mother's Day. They come in beautiful colours, including bright pinks and apricots, white, Burgundy, and my favourite, cafe au lait, and also different sizes, from the cute little pompom variety, to some that are as big as a plate!

Dahlias can last about a week if kept in the right spot.

5. Gardenias

Meaning - Purity and Gentleness

And gardenias are just that. They don't always last more than a few days, but while they do, they have the purest, most divine scent. And their foliage is also a really lovely fresh green.

6. Cosmos

Meaning - order and harmony

Coming in white and a beautiful candy pink colour, with yellow centres, cosmos are often used to symbolize order and harmony, due largely to the flower's harmonious petals.

Another really "English" style flower, in particular, the different pinks in the pink cosmos can be quite unique and lovely.

7. Rottnest Island Daisies

Meaning - Innocence, childhood and purity

From... yes! Rottnest Island! These native daisies are a pretty mauve colour, and are stronger than they look! They can last up to 3 weeks.

Being an Australian native flower, they don't have a Victorian meaning, so we'll go back to regular daisies, which mean innocence, childhood, and purity.

8. Hydrangea 

Meaning - Boastfulness, Heartlessness

Hydrangea, not as it's height as it was in November/December, but featuring in it's darker, greener, and more neutral hues, which I love!

 Image Credit: @Charlotte_artyphoto

9. Ornamental figs

Ornamental figs are a really interesting, structural element. I'm not sure if you could say they are a foliage or a flower? But they are fantastic all the same!! Great in our corporate arrangements, as well as our eclectic and botanic bunches, and no, you can't eat them!

10. Sturt desert peas

Craig Scott has also cultivated the most beautiful crop of sturt desert peas this year!! They are the most unique flower, native to Australia, and specifically the state flower for South Australia. These ones below are grown by @craigioscott


11. Echanacia 

Meaning - Strength and Health

You may know of echanacia as a herbal supplement to take to keep the colds away, but it is also a really pretty flower!

The more traditional colours come in pink and white, but also many shades of yellow, orange and red. It's a real favourite!

Image Credit: Gardener's World


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