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Sally Cooper of Cooper and Clay tells us about her career, motherhood and her latest gin related project

by Beth Abood |

You may have noticed our online store has been growing significantly over the last few months, increasingly offering a curated selection of all our favourite things; a huge library of books for flower lovers, pantry items, self care items, wine and more. With Mother's Day coming up this weekend we've created a collection especially for the Mum's.
But for a few years now, we have exclusively sold the stunning collection of ceramics made by the one and only Sally Cooper of Cooper and Clay. Her handmade ceramic vases have always been the perfect compliment to our bouquets, and her wonderous creations have evolved with us as our business evolves. Vases expanded to espresso cups last year, and we're so excited for her latest collection of porcelain gin and tonic tumblers, the perfectly discreet way to sip on a G+T during your next Zoom meeting.

We spoke to Sally about her career, motherhood and her latest project. 

1. What have you done throughout your working career, and how did you end up making ceramics?

I have always worked in the arts. I ran the Remo Design Gallery back in the day before opening a 20thC Decorative Arts shop with my partner. After the GFC the market for good vintage pieces dwindled and I needed to throw my energy into something creative. I had collected good ceramics from the likes of George Jouve and Constance Spry but had a real yearning to make for myself. It wasn’t easy having a well honed eye but not the technique to make it so I went to the National Art School to get back to basics.

2. Tell us a bit about what you do with ceramics, where you work, and who with?

I opened the Claypool Studio in 2013 with 3 other potters, I am a firm believer in surrounding yourself with talented people. From its humble beginnings we have developed into a wonderful family with an established studio in Botany. Myself, Brett Stone and Cherie Peyton are the directors and we have a membership of over 60 potters, from exhibiting artists to talented hobbyists. The space is inspiring and supportive and truly a happy place.

3. What do you love most about making ceramics. and who/what has influenced your work with ceramics the most? 

Working with clay on the wheel is meditation for me. I find it a breathing discipline that keeps me focused and in the present. I love the process of making and the possibilities seem to be infinite when you centre that ball of clay. I would be hard pressed to pin point my influences, I have had years of training my aesthetic when I had a shop. Instead I am inspired by the spirit and companionship of other potters. They are a generous tribe.

4. What are you currently working on?

Aside for the joy of making vases for Floreat, I have been busy in this time of isolation working with porcelain. It is my favourite clay especially when the outside is unglazed and is buffed smooth and silky. I am making curvy cups, perfect for a g+t and a happy hour zoom meeting.

5. How have you balanced motherhood with your working life, and how have the two impacted each other?

My daughters are grown up now. I struggled to find the time for myself in the thick of parenting and running a business. I am not sure I could have found the space either though it probably would have given me some balance. They are now the happy recipients of my bowls and like only to eat out of a hand made piece. Now that is success.

Sally's exclusive pieces are made specifically for Floreat customers. Her unique ceramic vases are a gorgeous styling piece and the perfect fit for Floreat bouquets, which we often sell together. Her G+T tumbers can be found in our online store here. And we are also selling Four Pillars Gin to top up your special tumblers.

Get in touch today if you'd like to order as a gift for Mother's Day. 









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