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Meet some of our Local Sydney Flower Growers

by Beth Abood |

In this time of uncertainty, access to imported flowers in our Australian markets have already been affected. Because of this, our local growers are even more relied on than usual.

While unfortunate for our imported flower wholesalers who provide some really interesting and high quality products, luckily for those of us in Sydney and NSW we have access to some of the best local flower growers in the world who grow a huge variety of beautiful flowers between them.

What better time then to give you a closer look at a few (but definitely not all) of our favourites. We asked them a few questions in the hope you'll get to know them a bit better. 

First up..

1. Eugalo Flower Farm

Andrew McFarland is the owner of Eugalo Flower farm, and such a warm, happy regular fixture at the market, and he is clearly completely passionate about what he grows. His stand is just inside one of the large roller doors entrances but somehow feels tucked away, and like stumbling upon a treasure chest of the most interesting and tasteful flowers each morning.

Where is your farm and what do you grow?

Eugalo is our farm name and we are on the south west slopes between Camden and Picton at an elevation of about 1200 feet above sea level.

We grow seasonal outdoor flowers foliage’s and bulbs. We like more unusual products and are always trying new lines of plants to introduce to the markets..

What do you love most about working with flowers and coming to the markets?

My biggest joy in our production is still the growing aspect and the visual reward of seeing mature crops and being able to walk through them. It’s still a hobby to me and feeds a passion to produce. We market our own flowers at Flemington markets and represent other growers as well.

Having people want to purchase our product is exciting and completes the full cycle of farming.

Who works with you on the farm?

We are a family business with a few passionate staff that love what they do.

What is your favourite flower?

I have so many favourites from an unusually perfect hydrangea to black hellebores and and callas lillies are so perfect, bearded iris and more.

What do you do in your spare time?

My other hobbies are fly fishing  and genetically improving budgerigars to to standard.

We love Eugalo for: their good taste and beautiful range, unfailing high quality and freshness, and often being at the forefront of growing new and interesting flowers and foliages.

2. Aliway Flowers at Bilpin

Wayne & Alison Inglis are a husband and wife team who bring a gorgeous range of unique foliages and flowers to the Sydney flower market. Being from a colder climate in Biplin, they are our go-to for more "garden style" interesting flowering foliages and branches (amazing blossom, guilder rose, lilac and Daphne etc).

Wayne and Alison's farm is like a rambling garden, and everywhere you turn is some treasure hidden amongst the hydrangeas and camellia trees (hopefully not a big black snake!!). On one of our visits to their farm, I was led by the most amazing scent from about 100 metres away, to some beautiful Daphne hidden under one of their camellia trees. Their farm was planned so that there is something amazing flowering all year around.

Where is your farm and what do you grow?

Our farm is at Bilpin in The Blue Mountains, a holiday destination nestled amongst apple orchards and B&B’s. We grow more than 200 seasonal lines. Having an altitude of almost 700 m allows us to grow daphne, lilac, pieris, cherry blossoms and many other colder climate products.

How did you start growing flowers?

As an accountant specialising in company reconstruction I was asked to analyse a flower company operating at The Sydney Markets. After I finished there I decided to start  my own company in the industry. That was more than 30 years ago.
My wife Alison later left her banking career and joined me.

What do you love most about working with flowers and coming to the markets?

I don’t have a love of working with flowers. We are running a business and they are the stock in which we trade. We do however take pride when the quality of our product is extremely good. It is always fresh. 
Working in the Markets seems to be more of a social event for us. We have great respect and admiration for both our customers and other traders in the Market.

Who works with you on the farm?

Alison & I do all the work on the farm, apart from our farm manager Tess the Wonder Dog, we don’t employ anyone.
Although we have two sons and one daughter in law, their professions are in the health/science fields.

What is your favourite flower?

Our favourite flower, easy, LILAC.

What do you do in your spare time?

What spare time? We have our home in Sydney. When we get spare time we go there to mow lawns. We are very close to our family and we love to catch up with them for a meal as much as possible. 

We love Aliway for: their flowering foliages and branches, distinctive foliage range, always pristine quality and generous sized bunches. 


 3. Jonima Flowers 

Those in Sydney might recognise Jonima as a regular fixture at Carriageworks Farmers Market. This family team, led by John and Ingrid, pop up at four farmers markets in Sydney and Canberra and wholesale at Sydney Flower market throughout the week. Their wonderfully colourful stand is as bright as their friendly smiles.

Where is your farm and what do you grow?

Farm is located at Yanderra, the foothills of the Southern Highlands.  We grow a variety of seasonal flowers. From exotics to natives, such as dahlia, poppy, sunflowers, gomphrena, scabiosca, to flowering gum, silver gum, kangaroo paw and a whole lot of other flowers in between.

How did you start growing flowers?
John parents grew flowers on a property in Campbelltown. Eventually we moved to Yanderra where we have been growing since 2006.
What do you love most about working with flowers and coming to the markets?
The reward of growing a nice/beautiful crop and the satisfaction that others appreciate what you grow. The challenge of being able to grow different crops. Also the joy of watching the reward we receive from the land by looking after and improving the soil. The market allows us to share what we do and connect with and develop relationships with the same focus.
Who works with you on the farm?
We are a family operated business with a couple full-time and part-time staff. Our kids are a huge part of this, and often accompany us to the markets as well.
What is your favourite flower?

Our favourite flower always changes with the seasons.  At one time it could be a beautiful specimen of Hakea Laurenia in Autumn, in Summer it could be a rich blousy colour of a Dahlia, in Winter a tortured stem covered in moss, to the delightful scent of Daphne in Spring.
What do you do in your spare time?
Spare time!!!  Love to relax on the back porch with a glass of wine. Love to bake and [discuss] how to expand on our garden.


We love Jonima for: their adorable family team, wrapping their flowers in brown paper instead of plastic, and of course their stunning, huge variety of colourful, seasonal flowers. 

Let us know what you thought / if you found this useful / if you’d like to get to know more of our growers – and we might make this a regular feature on our blog!

The Floreat Team xx


Cover image: Jonima Flowers website

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