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Easter Table Inspiration

by Jane Lampe |

I love Easter. It's the perfect weather, and a perfect break.

Lunch on Easter Sunday should be a lovely, leisurely feast, and it is the perfect weather to eat out in the garden in the easy sun.

I love styling our family's table for special events at home in Narrabri with my nieces, and Easter is a special one, because I love the flowers this time of year. 

Growing up, at Primary School, we learnt of the meaning of Easter being "New Life", and so it always reminds me of chickens hatching, lambs lambing, and pretty flowers blooming. This is a very northern hemisphere concept as they go into Spring, but there's no reason we can't achieve the same look here, with the warm winter sun still on our backs, and bulbs starting to come into bloom! So for an Easter setting, I always think some pretty, pastel, almost springtime flowers look beautiful on the table. Daisies, African violets, hyacinths and tulips are always a good start. Here a few ideas I've come across, or put together myself, for a bit of inspiration for you this Easter.

Pretty, bright blooms

Happy, bright blooms, like tulips, cyclamen, hyacinths, chamomile and easter daisies in pinks and yellows are perfect to brighten the day, especially on a fun tablecloth, either one colour like this pale pink one, or patterned.

Photo credit - Lara Hotz for Charlotte Ree

Photo credit - Charlie P for Tat London

Soft coloured bulbs, seedlings and herbs in terracotta pots

I love pretty little African violets in aged terracotta pots. This is the table I set for my family's Easter lunch a couple of years ago, with pretty African violets, dried lavender, and flapjacks, which are at their element this time of the year when their tips go crimson. The beauty of these is that they could all be taken home by the guests and kept forever!! 

Or even just herbs on their own are a lovely look in terracotta pots

Photo credits - Pinterest

Muted, garden look

This gorgeous tables cape was by Willow Crossley in the UK for Monsoon, so the flowers are very northern hemisphere. We could create the same look in Australia at the moment with soft coloured hyacinths in blues and whites, oncidium orchids, and white double tulips. 

Photo Credit - Willow Crossley

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