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by Jane Lampe |

This is a **TREND ALERT**

Red - a pop of red, or all out red, is BACK!!

There was a time when we wouldn't be caught dead using red, unless specifically asked to. Don't ask me why.. maybe it just reminded me of the old 80's red roses with babies breath, or I just loved the pastel and neutral colours.

But, red has slowly been sneaking in to wedding palettes, and other palettes, and it's surprised me how much I love the addition!

Then I saw this post in Homes and Gardens, and realised, it's not just me, and it's not just flowers - this article explained the sudden rise of red - and the "Unexpected Red Theory" in interiors!

This theory, coined by Taylor Simon, is basically adding red to a room, or in our case a flower arrangement, is "like a colour pop but less contrived".

Image source : Homes and Gardens

"According to Taylor, once that red piece has been added to your room, it automatically looks better. It can be as simple as a red lamp or soft furnishing, scarlet a painted window trim or doorframe, or a completely random brick red cupboard that stands boldly in your otherwise neutral kitchen."

Confirmation was provided by British Vogue. Now I feel like everywhere I look, I see red! 

I am all for this!!! The right shade of red is a gorgeous, fresh colour pop to an otherwise pastel or neutral arrangement - a pretty dahlia, rose, or striking sturt desert pea, can really add a different dimension to any arrangement, lifting the level from usual, to unusual.

Image Source : Isabel and Eugene's wedding - Weddings By Sam

Image Source : Floreat

But then - there's all red - and yes - I'm here for it!

This recent wedding by Isadia Floral in New Zealand makes me want to use red everywhere!! So many different shades of red, and textures, just looks so cool and contemporary. Definitely click on the link to see more!

So red - I'm all for it, thanks!!

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