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Floreat Loves : Top Ten of the Week : 27 September

by Jane Lampe |

10 images from the gram and around and about that have inspired us at Floreat over the last week!

1. Aesme

Gorgeous headress from Aesme - inspo for Spring Carnival racing perhaps?

2. Design Files

Yay!! Ken Done is on the Design Files podcast this week - TDF Talks - can't wait to hear what he has to say about the business of being an artist!

 3. The Urbanlist

This new hotspot in Stanley on Stanley on Stanley St sounds great, but it LOOKS AWESOME!! Inspiring some 90s looks at Floreat!

4. Taperjean Girl

One half of Citizens of Style's Tahnee Carroll's new bathroom is lovely, but how about that vase!!!


5. 80's Modern

Love a gladi, but not sure about that lounge suite...

6. Bess

The natives this spring are out of this world!!! Shown off here by gorgeous Paddo Florist Bess, who's father Craig Scott grows a lot of these amazing flowers at their farm in Mangrove Mountain.

7. Wife 

Thanks to one of our lovely clients, we've recently discovered Brooklyn based botanical stylist Wife. This is more artwork that floristry - amazing! Inspired the job we did this week for YouTube at The Blue Room Bondi for Sense.

8. Amy Merrick

No one is more excited about Amy Merrick's soon to be released book than our own Beth Abood!! And we are so excited to say we'll soon be selling this book amongst some other beautiful books on our website at Floreat!

9. Vogue Living

How amazing is this room featured in Vogue Living this month. Made even more so by that amazing flowering gum.

10. Cecilia Fox

Cecilia Fox featuring a pretty amazing photo of some pretty amazing violets by Lenise Ormsby.

 Happy weekend everyone!

Floreat Loves x 

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