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Floreat Loves : Top Ten of the Week : 20 September 2019

by Jane Lampe |

10 images from the gram and around and about that have inspired us over last week!

1. Amy Wright

You all know how much we love Amy!! This is a beautiful photo of "Indigo Drowning" by Nikita Cherry Photography, profiled on the Design Files last week. Gardens of Mind and Myth exhibition runs until 26 September at Ceres Temperance Hall. 

We have worked with Amy to refresh our website and packaging, and are so excited to be showing you what we have come up with next week!!!

2. Greta Thunberg

We can't ignore the amazing turn-out today for the first of the Climate Strikes around the world today in Australia - an estimated 80,000 in Sydney and 300,000 people around Australia  stopped work, school and uni to protest inaction on climate change, setting an amazing example for the rest of the world to follow as the day goes on. 

The protesters want the Federal Government to commit to no new coal, oil or gas projects; 100 percent renewables by 2030; and funding for “a just transition and job creation for all fossil-fuel industry workers and communities.” ⁣

Greta Thunberg is an exceptional 16 year old climate and environmental activist from NY and is setting a great example for young people.

While we would have loved to have to have joined today, we had had a wedding. However we are constantly striving to do better for our earth at Floreat and improve and reduce our footprint.

 3. Laura Jones

Another favourite artist Laura Jones painting Sturt desert peas - LOVE

4. Craig Scott from East Coast Wildflowers

A selection of some of the most amazing flowers Craig grow on his central coast farm. Also LOVE.


5. Active Yogi

Couldn't agree more Kate - sometimes I think my amazing friends hold more visions for me than I have myself - they are more than a blessing, they are gold. I only hope I can return as much support they give.

6. Sophia Kaplan

Beautiful florist Sophia produced the best of spring right here in this simple arrangement. I love this palette.

7. Flora lux

LA based Flora Lux inspiring our simple flower placements at our favourite Jardan Furniture.

8. Grandiflora Sydney

Grandiflora obviously shares our love of nature and the inspiration we get from amazing plants and gardens like this one.

9. My Mum and Dad

It was my Mum and Dad's 44th wedding anniversary today, I love this photo of them on the day they got engaged. Dad always told me to "give everything 110%" and Mum's favourite saying is "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well". This still inspires me every day at work.

10. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

OK, yes, this has nothing to do with flowers, but I saw this movie last night and it was so good. You can thank me later :)

 Happy weekend everyone!

Floreat Loves x 

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